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The Ideal Knee

Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Apollo Hospitals introduces “The Ideal Knee” – the future for Total Knee Replacement through a new technique – Attune Rotating Platform Knee Replacement, a first of its kind in South India.

This revolutionary procedure performed by Dr Lenin Chinnusamy, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon has proved improved performance and great results.

This innovative surgery was performed on both knees on a 63 year old patient who was suffering from Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypothyroidism and Coronary Artery disease for which he underwent CABG – Bypass heart surgery 5 years back.

Though Knee Replacement surgery is a successful procedure, patients are not completely satisfied often because of the limitation of day to day activities like getting up from the chair,going up and down the stairs,siting on the floor etc..

Some patients have discomfort and are not able to bend the knee completely after Total Knee Replacement despite having good pain relief. The present day knee implants last on an average 10-15 years. Many patients with Arthritis of the knee hesitate to undergo this surgery because of the prolonged post operative pain and recovery after the conventional Total Knee replacement.

Attune Rotating Platform knee replacement along with Minimally Invasive Subvastus technique is a boon alleviating all the fear in the patient. This surgical procedure makes the patients feel their knee is a normal knee in regards to stability, mobility and function. Versatility in size and matching the patients anatomy makes this a – Personalised Knee. In other words, the custom made knee is now ready made. There is no time loss and no need for CT scan thus averting the radiation exposure – which is mandatory in the case of a custom made knee

The functional durability and longevity of this knee is likely to be more than 30 years and it is very much suitable for patients between 45-55 as well as for obese patients.

The Minimally Invasive Subvastus technique differs completely from the conventional technique. In the conventional surgery the skin is cut 15-20cm along with the muscles infront of the knee and thigh, the knee cap is flipped and the thigh and leg bones are separated from each other to perform the conventional surgery resulting in prolonged post operative pain and recovery. Whereas in the Minimally Invasive Subvastus technique the skin is cut only 8-10cm.The muscles are preserved by pushing them to the side without cutting them. The knee cap is not flipped and the thigh and leg bones are not separated but are cut in place. All these resulting in less pain and quick recovery.

The combined benefits of the new implant and the surgical technique make this procedure as the ‘Ideal Total Knee Replacement’ for patients who are waiting for it.

In short, patients can get back to their everyday activities they love to do, more comfortably and confidently within a month or two.

UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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