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Hospitals in Karur

Hospitals in Karur

Hospitals in Karur

Hospitals in Karur

163 - AE, Allwyn Nagar Kovai Road Karur - 639002

The state-of-the-art bio-medical equipment complemented by highly-skilled staff ensures high standards of care. The hospital places special emphasis on quality time between patients and doctors and nurses.

Medical Highlights

  • First Multi specialty Hospital providing tertiary care in Karur
  • First Cath Lab facility in Karur
  • First Intensive Care Unit for Neo-natal Care in Karur
  • First to perform Aneurysm surgery (Neurosurgery) in Karur
  • First hospital in Karur to introduce Arthroscopy surgery
  • First hospital in Karur to perform Pediatric Thoracic surgery.
  • Well established State of the Art Poly Trauma unit
  • State of the Art Dialysis unit
  • Centre of Excellence in Neurosciences

Some of the Community initiatives undertaken by Apollo Hospitals, Karur are-

  • Establishment of a Tele-Medicine center that helps people to get quality consultation from other Apollo locations.
  • “Healthy Karur” – an initiative that engages people in and around Karur. Disseminating awareness and health screening of the poor and needy are the highlights of this program which is being conducted every Sunday now for more than 100 weeks.
  • BLS Initiative for Students & Drivers in & around Karur district.



Apollo Hospitals, Karur

163 – AE, Allwyn Nagar
Kovai Road
Karur – 639002
+91 4324 241900 / 240800 / 240900
+91 4324 248432
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UPDATED ON 14/08/2023

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