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Cancer Treatments

Cancer Treatments

Precision Oncology

Proton Therapy


Proton Therapy is a highly sophisticated form of Radiation Therapy that uses high energy protons to target tumours accurately…

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Cyberknife and Tomotherapy


TomoTherapy® [Highly Integrated Adaptive Radiotherapy (HI-ART)] shares a lot of technology with CT scanners. The machine even looks like a CT scanner.

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Apollo Oncology Specialists


Taking a shift from the regular procedures of giving chemotherapy and general drug treatment to any cancer patient, the high end therapeutic method is the next level of treating cancer with more personalised drugs…

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Surgical Oncology Treatment


Complex tumour removals are skillfully performed by Apollo’s highly trained and motivated surgical oncologists. Apollo’s success rate in oncology surgeries is comparable to that of the best centres in the world…

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Radiation Oncology


Apollo Hospitals comprehensive care is supported by technology and innovative techniques in High Precision Radiation oncology. High tech radiation oncology is used to treat not only small tumours located in critical areas but is useful in large tumours as well…

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Apollo Diagnosis


The diagnostic imaging and therapy systems at Apollo are sophisticated and the radiology groups and imaging facility at the hospitals offer the most economic and effective ways to treat cancer. 3D MAMMOGRAM the revolutionary screening and diagnostic tool…

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Bone Marrow Transplant


Stem Cell or Bone Marrow Transplantation is one of the innovative treatments offered at Apollo Hospitals. It is an exciting area of medicine. Over the last few decades this has been a well established treatment for several cancers and diseases of the blood…

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Cancer Care Hospital in India


Tender Loving Care TLC is a silent revolution that sweeps the corridors of every Apollo hospital, every single day. Its objective is simple and clear – ensure the best patient experience possible. This focus transcends beyond just the soft and emotional aspects…

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