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Tracking Outcomes

Tracking Outcomes

High-quality, evidence-based care (care that is proven) leads to more lives saved and less time in the hospital. Quality care also means safer care for consumers. This involves constantly and proactively looking at processes to improve safety and, in turn, quality.

How can you choose the best quality hospital for the care you need?

It is important to consider quality, because research shows that some hospitals simply do a better job than others. For example, we know that hospitals that do a greater number of the same surgeries have better outcomes for their patients.

Quality is measured many ways. There are process indicators (those that measure things such as timeliness and baseline practices) and outcome indicators (such as mortality rates, infection rates and complication rates).

When choosing a hospital a consumer can look at these indicators and compare them among hospitals. They can also look at a hospital’s national and international accreditations (seals of approval).

Quick Check for Quality

Look for a hospital that:

  • Is accredited by the Joint Commission or a national accreditation body such as the NABH.
  • Has experience with your condition.
  • Has had success with your condition.
  • Checks and works to improve its own quality of care.
  • Tracks patient outcomes (how well the patients do).
  • Uses quality control indicators to measure and improve systems and processes.
  • Has an Infection control policy and stringent protocols.

More and more hospitals are trying to improve the quality of their care. One way is to keep track of patient outcomes for certain procedures. By finding out what works and what doesn’t, the hospital can improve the way it treats patients.

The Apollo Hospitals Group has been the first corporate hospital in India to start benchmarking and monitoring clinical performance outcomes since 2005.

In order to efficiently measure and compare key clinical outcome measures across all the hospitals across the Apollo Hospitals group, the ACE@25 scoring system was devised and is successfully used. [Read more about Ace @ 25]

Key Clinical Outcomes


UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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