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Complication rate post Total Knee Replacement surgery

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What does it mean?

It measures the rate of medical complications such as infection, blood clots in leg veins [DVT], peroneal nerve [a nerve in the lower leg] damage, patellar [kneecap] injuries, injury to blood vessels, fat embolism, blood transfusion and anesthesia complications after a Total Knee Replacement.

What does it indicate?

A lesser complication rate implies quicker recovery and lesser stay at the hospital.

Name of ParameterBench MarkReference2021-2022
Complication rate TKR0.60%CIHI 20160.00%

* References chosen for the benchmark of each indicator, are the best of class for that respective indicator
** All values audited and validated by the Apollo Clinical Audit Team

UPDATED ON 16/09/2022

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