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Diagnostic Services

Heart & Cardiovascular Diagnostic Services

It is believed at Apollo Hospitals that the first step to cure is accurate diagnosis of the disorder. Investment in the latest medical and diagnostic equipment along with upgradation of skills of personnel is always ensured.

The following are some of our Cardiac Diagnostic Services:

640 slice CT Scanner

The 640-slice CT scanner is the ultimate testament to the application of modern technology in medical sciences. It has emerged as the most powerful tool to diagnose cardiovascular disease, the cause of one in four deaths due to non-communicable diseases. The 640 Slice CT Scanner makes non-invasive precise assessment possible for many specialities such as Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology, Gastroenterology and Paediatrics.

This facility is currently available at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

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64 Slice CT Angiography

64 Slice CT Angiography is a non-invasive procedure that helps in detecting minute blockages of the arteries of the heart. The images obtained through this procedure are sharp and crystal clear, enabling cardiologists to spot even the smallest of blockages at a very early stage… Read more


Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) is used to determine whether a patient who has an abnormal heart rhythm is at high risk for stroke. The procedure also reveals any blood clots present in the heart… Read more

Stress Echocardiography

Stress Echocardiography uses exercise or medication to make the heart work harder than when at rest. This helps us obtain more detailed pictures of the heart and how well or poorly it is functioning… Read more

Electrophysiology [EP] Study

An EP Study is a specialized procedure conducted by a trained cardiac specialist, the Electrophysiologist. In this procedure, one or more thin, flexible wires, called catheters are inserted into a blood vessel (usually the groin) and guided into the heart… Read more

UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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