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Mr. Venkata Sivaramakrishnan Video Icon
Mr. Venkata Sivaramakrishnan Vijayawada
Dr. Emma Francis Video Icon
Dr. Emma Francis Tanzania
Mr. Jin Sung Choi Video Icon
Mr. Jin Sung Choi South Korea
Mr Alphonse Video Icon
Mr Alphonse Chennai
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Mr. Dhanpat Singh Raebareli
Mrs. Nagarathna Video Icon
Mrs. Nagarathna Bangalore
Mrs. Sulochana Video Icon
Mrs. Sulochana Bangalore
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Mrs. Srinivas Rao Battu Chirala
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Ms. U. Vijaya kumari Hyderabad
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Mr. Shalindra Kumar Auraiya
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Ms. Shalu Agarwal Nepal
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Mr Kyaw Kyaw Myanmar
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Mrs. Lalita Mauritius
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Mrs. Chandrani Mauritius
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Ms.Celina Gembe Tanzania
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Mr. Majige Jackson Madulla Nigeria
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Ms. Edema Video Icon
Ms. Edema Nigeria
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Ms. Dilmaya Soni Nepal
B/o Santoshi Devi Video Icon
B/o Santoshi Devi Lucknow
Mrs. Sudha Mishra Video Icon
Mrs. Sudha Mishra Lucknow
Mrs. Gloria Joseph Video Icon
Mrs. Gloria Joseph India
Mr. Venkatesh Roddam Video Icon
Mr. Venkatesh Roddam India
Mr. Mohammad Kutubuddin Video Icon
Mr. Mohammad Kutubuddin Bangladesh
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Mr. Sachin Vimal Uttar Pradesh
Ms. Kurvina Video Icon
Ms. Kurvina Mauritius
Mr.Mazin Saud Hamed Abdullah Al Harrasi Video Icon
Mr.Mazin Saud Hamed Abdullah Al Harrasi Oman
Mr.Vaibhav Tiwary Video Icon
Mr.Vaibhav Tiwary Chennai

To Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.


Heading above refer, my wife (Anna) has suffered from chronic neck pain and loose power on right hand and leg. The pain started slowly and keeps growing up for the past 3 years. We have consulted many surgeons and medical checks in Tanzania with no success. The last Hospital was our national hospital where the MRI scan was done and detect a problem in SIPNAL CORD and been advised to undergo for a spinal cord surgery. According to availability of the neuro surgeon speciality and the nature of the surgery required. I deside to seek for medical treatment oversees. My brother's wife was in Apollo Speciality Hospital under Dr. VIKAS for a LIVER SURGICAL which took place on MAY, 2012, the operation went successful. I got Dr. Vikas contact from my brother, and contact him through phone/Email and deliver all my wife medical documents . My request did not meet Dr. Vikas specialties, he then by pass my documents to Dr.Parthiban J.K.B.C, who is a senior neuro Surgeon Consultant. His replay was to see the patient. We made our way to Apollo Speciality Hospital on 29th of June, 2012 and arrive on 30th of June 2012 the Miracle Day. With amazing speed, from the day arrived she did be sent for medical checks for 6Days continuously under Dr.Parthiban and his team, every step we was well informed.

On 05th July 12, 2012 We had a call to meet Dr.Parthiban in his office for the check result, and treatment plan, as per Doctor , Spinal cord surgery was required to remove the lesion, and the time to conduct the operation he estimate to be 8Hours. I knew how danger the operation was, look at my wife and see how she fill and cry. I had no way to go; the only way was surgery to take place. I made my decision, the operation to take place and save my lovely wife life. On 09th July 12, 2012 the Miracle day arrived and the surgery was conducted successful, for seven hours, under Dr.Parthiban and his lovely team. She then moved to a medium Intensive care Unit, where she stays for 24HRS.First time I meet her ,she was In ICU Room, the only thing I saw was a smile on her face. I thanks GOD for all happened to my wife. Dr.Parthiban I thanks you again, God have path the Miracle through your hands with the help of Apollo Speciality Hospital Team you did it. Big up to all for the help done to my wife life. Thank you all, May God continue to up hold Apollo Speciality Hospital and the Team. Well come to Tanzania all. Our contact as per above address.

GLORY TO GOD Mr. & Mrs. A.A.Masoy

I had all the reasons to be restless when I first visited Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. My wife condition was deteriorating day by day as we had been shuttling from one hospital to another. Today I feel it was a right decision to get her to Apollo. I would like to thank the doctors, nurses and the entire staff of the Hospital to help us in our time of need. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr Pranav Kumar, Sr. Consultant Neurosurgery, for instilling back the confidence in my wife Omwati when she had lost all hopes. Today she is healthy and well again.
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Mohammad Faiq Arif, Peshawar, Pakistan

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UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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