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Bariatric Surgery Testimonials

Apollo Testimonials

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Dr Abhishek Ranchi
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Ms. Avi Sudhir India
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Ms. Balbina Varela Mozambique
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Mrs. Kiran Singh Hyderabad
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I come from a family of doctors and I was suffering from morbid obesity with co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea. It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to concentrate on my practice and continue my day today life. I've been consulted at least six doctors in the past three months for surgical option, still not able to convince myself. I finally consulted Dr.Rajkumar and was very happy to see him spend lots of time explaining everything about obesity, its surgical options and what suits me better. I got operated after adequate preparation. To my surprise I had a very smooth recovery, and was able to be discharged with liquid diet on day 3. Being a doctor, I could appreciate the way he has organized his team and the way every single doubt, worries and apprehensions are addressed even before you ask them. Hospital services were excellent too. I am happy to be operated by the best in the region.

Dr. Rama Devi
General Practitioner, Hyderabad

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Before the surgery I weighed 128 kg and was not even able to walk properly. My self esteem and self-confidence was low. Now after the surgery, I am 81kgs. I feel healthier, have better self-confidence and self-esteem. In simple terms the surgery has turned my life upside down. Thanking Apollo and its Bariatric team once again for changing my life.
Sridhar Venugopal
Manager, Chennai

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"I am a 65 year old Scottish gentleman with morbid obesity and life threating co-morbidities like Hypertension, Diabetes and High cholesterol and was on medication for the same for 6 years. I also used C-PAP machines for 10 years to combat my sleep apnoea. When I wanted to travel to Chennai, I went on Google search and found that Apollo Hospitals was the best tertiary care hospital in the region. I found out about Dr. Rajkumar Palaniappan and learnt that the Apollo Bariatric Institute had introduced Robotic surgery in India. My surgery happened to be the first Robotic Gastric bypass in India and am so happy that I could get it done under one of the most well equipped tertiary care set-ups. One year since my surgery, I can't believe I lost 66 kgs and am now not on any support for my C-PAP, no medication for Diabetes, Hypertension and high cholesterol. I immensely thank the Bariatric team at Apollo hospitals for taking good care of me."

Mr. Michael Cameroon
Social worker, Scotland
Lost 61kgs in 18 months

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I came to India as a medical tourism patient to Dr. Rajkumar. I am thankful to my stars to be treated under him who became more of a friend to me. I lot 82lbs in six months after my bypass and lost my Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol and Joint pain. I am back to my energetic best in the last few months.
Tye Bluebell
Shop Owner, Mexico

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Could anyone imagine how dreadful it is to weigh 140 Kgs and how awesome it feels to be weighing 78 kgs in just 12 months since? It surely gives me a great feeling of losing weight effortlessly. Yes! Without working out and eating all that I loved eating. Thanks to Dr.Rajkumar, I am living a new life which I never thought I would be able to, until last October. One year gone and I've lost 62 kgs without any effort. Contrary to all speculations and doubts, I'm more energetic than before with plenty of never before found enthusiasm and energy level, to boost my confidence every passing day. I'm thoroughly enjoying my life dressing up in all the kind of clothes I always wanted to get myself into and weighing myself every week to see the amount of weight I am losing.
Rekha Kamath
Business Executive, Bangalore

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"I never thought I was so fat until my trip to Spain in March 2007. I made a resolution to lose all the extra flab in a year, but failed to do so in the first 6 months. That's when I decided to undergo Bariatrics during my New Year trip to India in December 2007. I can't believe I could achieve that and look stunning like any other fit girl around. Sleeve Gastrectomy has completely change my outlook towards life and I feel like am born again. M boyfriend feels more super charged about my new look than myself."

Mrs. Rachel Witchowski
Office Executive, UK
Lost 48 kgs in 10 months

Bariatric Surgery

"I was shocked to know that I weighed 348 kgs when I measured myself on arrival at Apollo Hospitals and was suffering from severe sleep apnoea, arthritis and compulsive eating habits. I was rejected as a candidate fit for surgery all across the nation due to the high risk involved and non-availability of facilities. Dr. Rajkumar Palaniappan explained about the new Robotic obesity technique introduced for the first time in India and its availability in Apollo. He also explained the possibility of a safer surgery on me by this technique. Internet search showed it to be the safest minimally invasive option and I agreed for the same. He successfully performed the surgery on 31 April. I happened to be heaviest patient operated in the whole of Asia. I recovered well and yesterday for the first time in few years walked to the toilet myself. I am happy for having decided to come to Apollo Chennai and being treated under the great surgical hands of Dr. Rajkumar Palaniappan. I will always be grateful to him."

Mr. Sanjey Dey

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Apollo Bariatric Surgery Testimonial Message
"Being a chef, I had become a compulsive and voracious eater for the last decade and gained around 60 kgs since. I developed Diabetes very early in life and for the last 2 years am on drugs for my high BP. Bariatric surgery came as a blessing in disguise and I did it through Robotic technique under Dr. Rajkumar Palaniappan. It was a pleasant experience with the thorough professional work of the surgeon and his whole unit who treated me like a guest in their home. I'm 45 kgs lighter now, and stopped taking medications for sugar, BP."

Mr. Satheesh Krishnan
Executive Chef, Hyderabad
Lost 45 kgs in 12 months

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Mrs. Deepali Munsi
Housewife, Goa
Lost 44 kgs in 12 months

"Greetings from California. I've been back to US after my recovery in a week's time. I feel very well and have healed up quite completely. Dr. Raj, you were truly kind to me on my arrival in India. I wish you all the best. You are a gifted surgeon. This I know, and I am so glad to have found you."

Mr. Jeff Miller Businessman, USA

UPDATED ON 28/03/2024

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