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At Apollo, we understand the gravity and complexity of these life-changing procedures. Our team of world-class transplant surgeons collaborate with experts spanning various medical specialties. This multidisciplinary approach, combined with state-of-the-art care, ensures a successful transplant and a healthy recovery. Read More

As the largest integrated transplant program in India, operating across 24 centres, we perform nearly three times as many transplants as any other healthcare provider in the country. With our unmatched expertise, we deliver exceptional patient outcomes and successful organ acceptance.

Your care will continue after your procedure, to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery. Apollo’s unparalleled post-surgery care include holistic and complete evaluations, follow-up check-ups, managing life-long medication, and guiding the patient to return to normal activities.

When you’re going through such a difficult time, our prime objective is to give you the best care and support possible for a successful and positive outcome. Our program always puts the patient and donors first, and provides only the world’s best to them.

If you or someone you love needs a transplant, choose Apollo to ensure that they get the world’s leading care in Transplant.

Apollo’s Transplant Program

Most advanced tech and state-of-the-art infrastructure

Apollo’s Transplant Program

Most advanced tech and state-of-the-art infrastructure

A global leader in transplant providing a comprehensive healthcare journey with expert support, multilingual interpreters, dedicated unit managers, and exceptional nursing care.

Transplant Surgeon

A world-class surgeon who specialises solely in transplants to conduct the procedure

Transplant Specialist

A specialised physician, to evaluate and take care of the medical needs of the transplant patient

Transplant Anaesthetists

A dedicated anaesthetist to provide anaesthesia and to monitor the patient during and after the procedure

Transplant Intensivist

A specialised expert for intensive care for the patient at all stages of the Transplant

Transplant Radiologist

A dedicated Radiologist for speedy and accurate diagnostics and radiology of the patient

Transplant Nursing Staff

A team of highly trained and experienced nursing staff that is dedicated only to transplant care

Transplant Technician

Transplants require special equipment and tech which is handled and taken care of by a Transplant Technician

Transplant Physiotherapist

For critical post-transplant care, the Transplant Physiotherapist provides chest physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation for the patient so that they can recover at ease

Transplant Nutritionist

Transplant patients need to follow special diet plans which vary in every stage of the process. This is managed by a world-class nutritionist who ensures that the personalised diet plan is crafted and followed

Transplant Pharmacologist

Transplant patients have a variety of medications that are needed from care to recovery. The Transplant Pharmacologist ensures that the patient is given the medication and support that they need and that their medication is expertly managed

Transplant Psychologist

It is mentally taxing for patients to go through a transplant and to ease the difficulty and make sure that it’s a stress-free experience, the Transplant Psychologist evaluates the mental state of the patient at every stage, provides counselling to both the donor and the recipient and helps them cope with the high levels of stress they might face

Transplant Psychiatrist

In specific cases like liver failure due to alcohol withdrawal, the Transplant Psychiatrist takes care of the mental symptoms that the patient might be facing so that recovery is easier

Transplant Social Worker

A dedicated Social Worker is on the team of Transplant Experts to take care of the family and social needs of the patient. They also assist with the extensive amount of paperwork and documentation that transplants require so that there is no stress and difficulty for the patient

Transplant Coordinator

Transplant procedures are extensive and have several moving parts. To ensure that the procedure goes smoothly, the Transplant Coordinator manages and coordinates the program

Transplant Living Donor Advocate

The Living Donor Advocate is a specialist who is solely dedicated to the well-being of the donor. They make sure that the donor is informed and educated about everything that they need to know about the procedure before the decision to donate has been made and even during the donation process

Transplant Operating Room Coordinators

Operating Room Coordinators are experts in managing the dedicated OR and ensuring that every process runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively

Transplant Translators

A dedicated translator helps the patient and family be fully educated about the process and procedure. The Transplant Translator is an expert in languages from all over India and the world so that the patient and their family never face a communication gap or any confusion

Transplant Unit Managers

The Transplant Manager ensures everything is taken care of including providing information, support, and follow-ups at every stage. For 24/7 access, there’s a Transplant Helpline so that there’s no waiting required when the need arises

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