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Air Ambulance Services

Air Ambulance Services

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Several people in India don’t get medical attention within the golden hour which is very crucial in saving lives. Apollo’s air ambulance service will address the emergency medical needs of people who are on the outskirts and far from the city limits. The services will be extended to several smaller cities and towns like Madurai, Mysore, Kakinada, Karaikudi, Karur, Trichy and Vizag through its current hubs in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Each of the Apollo air ambulances will be manned by a full-fledged medical crew trained in critical pre-hospital care protocols to address emergency victims and critically-ill patients. Apollo Hospitals pioneered air ambulance emergency services in the country way back in 2003. With the subsequent launch of these services in Delhi and Bangalore in 2004 and 2007, Apollo Hospitals has seen a steady increase in number of patients using this service. Through partnerships with various aviation companies, at an average, Apollo Hospitals air transfers around 125-150 patients in a year.

Unlike other helicopters these helicopters are built exclusively for transporting emergency victims. The medical crew for all transfers is from Apollo Hospitals. A set of trained and qualified emergency physicians and paramedics have been specially trained for air evacuations and these teams will be on all air-transfers. These services offer support to all types of accident and emergency patients including pediatric patients.

All life-saving equipment will be available on board and even the most serious patients can be shifted using Apollo’s air ambulance services. Apart from emergency patients, organs from brain dead patients for transplant in a different location will be transported using this air ambulance network. With the introduction of this network and the existing services in Delhi, Apollo Emergency Services will be accessible to people living across south, central and north India.

How to avail the service

  • Call our Emergency Response Service 1066 and provide primary information regarding the emergency
  • Our Paramedic shall assess the medical condition by asking Cardinal, probing questions and provide on Call First Aid Advice to manage the patient till the medical help arrives
  • The Paramedic/ Doctor will approve the mode of Transportation (Ground and / or Air Ambulance) and will alert the Emergency Dispatch Management unit
  • Ground Ambulance provides onsite primary medical care and shifts the Patient to the Nearest Stabilization Centre to preserve the Golden Hour
  • Ground Ambulance Transfers the Patient to the predetermined Helicopter Landing Zone
  • The patient will be brought to the nearest Apollo Hospital for immediate care from the closest landing zone
  • The cost of the services will range from Rs.1.6 to 2 lacs per hour

UPDATED ON 27/09/2023

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