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Apollo Hospital Noida?

Apollo Hospital is the best neighbourhood friendly, Non COVID hospital in Noida. With their skilled and experienced medical staff, they are at your service 24/7. With a firm foundation to bring international standard of medical services, in 1983, Dr. Prathap C. Reddy established Apollo’s robust presence across the healthcare ecosystem

The Apollo Hospital is the top hospital in Noida, offering services like General & Minimal invasive surgeries, Mother & Child care, Orthopaedics, Dialysis and much more. We provide affordable treatment, diagnosis, and complete healthcare packages with standard clinical outcomes, focusing on delivering world-class patient care. Our focus is best patient care, safe surgery and high quality clinical outcomes

Being the best hospital in Noida, we strive to transform India’s healthcare system with a digital approach and superlative clinical excellence. We cater to high risk surgeries, as we have a robust network of doctors with advanced well equipped infrastructure.

Apollo Hospital in Noida aims to revolutionize the healthcare ecosystem with advanced diagnosis and revamped sustainable retail healthcare models.

Apollo Hospital is the best hospital in Noida – for a reason. We pioneer in bringing affordable, sustainable, ground-breaking healthcare technologies to India.

Apollo Hospitals provide world-class and modern healthcare facilities for patients worldwide. Health packages for you and your family come with affordable health plans for complete body check-ups, irrespective of your location. Apollo Hospitals in Noida strive to implement successful medical deliverables within the desired timeframe to achieve high-quality clinical outcomes devised by the ACE@25 scoring system.

Centres of Excellence

As the top hospital in Noida, we have dedicated Centres of Excellence to varied key and super specialties. We specialise in General & minimal invasive surgeries, day care surgeries, high risk obstetrics, joint replacements- knee & hip, spine surgeries, urology and ENT surgeries, dialysis, preventive health care

Best Orthopedic Hospital in Noida

The Department of Orthopaedics offer comprehensive care for all Orthopaedic problems including knee, hip, and joint problems. We focus on providing the best patient care with professional expertise for early mobilization.
We perform procedures like Joint Replacement Surgery, Arthroscopic Surgery, Traumatic Orthopaedic Surgery, Hand, Shoulder & Elbow Surgery, Spine Surgery, Articular Surface Replacement Hip Surgery, Foot & Ankle Surgery, Total Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery among several others.

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Obstetrics & Gynecology

At Apollo Hospitals, Noida, our specialists are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for women. A woman faces different issues at each stage in life like menstrual problems, birth control, fertility, pregnancy and menopause and need advice on questions about the best way to manage her health.

Our physicians and their wide-range of expertise, coupled with our state-of-the-art technology, makes Apollo Hospitals, Noida, a trusted place for protecting and preserving women’s health – at every age.

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The department of paediatrics comprises of a highly experienced team of paediatricians that offer the best out-patient, in-patient and intensive care services. The department offers expert intensivists and trained nurses in sub-specialty of neonatology to ensure compassionate care and speedy recovery of the baby. Complete care, safety and comfort of the patient are well taken care of. The Doctors provide expert counselling and consultations to the patient’s/child’s family members and are also skilled in treating a wide variety of paediatric diseases and illnesses related to lungs, skin, blood and kidney. The team focuses on complete care and focuses on the special needs of the new-borns. The paediatricians also make sure to provide superior education to the patient attendants and help them understand the problem well. The department of paediatrics focuses on providing tender care to the children and treat them with great compassion. The department has a focused vaccination programme for children.

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The Department of Neonatology deals with the medical care for the new-born infants, especially the sick, premature new-borns and babies with low birth weight than required, or with any infections, heart problems or congenital defects. This is a hospital-based specialty and is usually practiced in neonatal intensive care units. The team of Neonatologists are skilled and equipped with latest technologies to render care to new-born and pre-term babies with the support of NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Units).

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General and Laproscopic Minimal Invasive Surgery

General and Lap Surgery deals with treating affected organs through minimal invasive surgical methods. Used mostly in gastrointestinal, gynaecological and urological surgeries, general and lap surgeons rectify and treat organs by making small incisions in order to perform the surgery, making it quicker to recover from the surgery.

Laparoscopy surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a technique of surgical treatment that involves operating on an area far from the affected area by making small incisions somewhere else on the body. Surgeons use this method due to the minimal surgical invasion required as well as the smaller wounds and lessened recovery time required for the wound to be healed.
Bariatric Surgery deals with weight reduction using various techniques to combat obesity. The process includes reducing the size of the stomach or removing a portion of the stomach or re-routing the small intestine.

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The Department of Nephrology focuses on ensuring the normal functioning of kidneys by treating conditions that hinder its processes. The various conditions that fall under the scope of nephrology include:

  • Cancers of the kidneys, bladder, and urethra
  • Acute, sudden, long-term or chronic Renal failure
  • Kidney infections
  • Renal vascular diseases that disturb the blood vessel networks within the kidneys.

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Key Medical Procedures


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Apollo presence encompasses over 10,000 beds across 70 hospitals, 4000+ pharmacies, over 172 primary care & diagnostic clinics, 148 telemedicine units across 13 countries…

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Apollo’s Personal Health Record system stores all your data in a secure environment and gives you complete control over who accesses your information. Access your Health Records from the comfort of your home while seamlessly maintaining a record of your medical conditions. The Key features of Apollo Prism include:

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Procedures & Technology

Key Medical Procedures & Technology

Apollo Noida Hospital has consistently led game-changing developments in healthcare by bringing to the people, the latest innovations in key medical specialities and superspecialities on par with the West.

Transplant Disclaimer

It has been brought to our notice that some people have received emails purporting to offer money for kidney donation and misusing the name of Apollo Hospitals. The public in general and kidney patients in particular are hereby cautioned that these are fake phishing emails and that these mails are neither sent by Apollo Hospitals nor is Apollo Hospitals involved in any such scheme. These fraudulent and suspicious emails are only a scheme to extract payments from gullible individuals by misleading them using the names of reputed hospitals. The Apollo Hospitals transplant program is carried out in accordance with…

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Recruitment Disclaimer

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited brings to your attention that persons not authorized by the Company are circulating/posting fake advertisements inviting applications from candidates for employment in the Company through e-mails and on leading job portals. Such advertisements demanding payments through various online platforms and portals in exchange for appointments for interviews and offer letters are fraudulent and the Company categorically states that it does not entertain such practices in its recruitment process. We urge the public not to be misled by such communications purportedly made by representatives…

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