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Obstetrics & Gynecology

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At Apollo Hospitals, Noida, our specialists are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for women. A woman faces different issues at each stage in life like menstrual problems, birth control, fertility, pregnancy and menopause and need advice on questions about the best way to manage her health.

Our physicians and their wide-range of expertise, coupled with our state-of-the-art technology, makes Apollo Hospitals, Noida, a trusted place for protecting and preserving women’s health – at every age.

Antenatal Care

We offer antenatal checkups with antenatal and parentcraft classes are specially designed for mothers to be and father to be in preparing for the task ahead, both physically and psychologically.

Painless Labour

Continous electronic fetal heart rate monitoring (CTG) is available to watch your baby‘s condition during childbirth as per international standards. We have postgraduates and trained resident obstetricians monitoring the condition of mother and child round-the-clock under supervision of senior consultants.

High Risk Pregnancy

We have well trained obstetricians to look after patients with high risk pregnancies in conjunction with medical specialists. Those with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, previous pregnancy losses, growth retarded babies etc. are looked after throughout the pregnancy and labour by this team. Advanced neonatal backup services are available.

Conventional Gynaecology

Our consultant gynaecologists provide specialized medical and surgical management of gynaecological problems like menstrual abnormalities, prolapse fibroids, other tumor of the uterus and ovaries includes tubal recanalisation by laparoscopic surgery. Treatment of the infertile couple is also offered. High-risk surgical patients (such as those with high BP, heart disease are specially monitored in the OT and ICU, if required). Gynaecological endocrinological service including adolescent menopausal and other reproductive age problems are also provided, Management and guidance of contraception for young girls. Enlighten the youth specially young girls how to save them from very serious STD like HIV and Hepatitis B, Herpes type 2 infection.

Gynaecological Oncosurgery

Comprehensive treatment of genital cancers of the uterus, cervix, vagina, vulva and ovaries is provided by site specific gynaecological oncosurgeons, in combination with medical oncologist and radiotherapists as appropriately all the cases are discussed and finalized by the tumor board multi specialists. Laparoscopic treatment of certain gynecological tumors is also performed.

Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic Surgeries

Well trained laparoscopic gynecologists with years of experience in India and abroad can individually tailor almost all gynaecological operations to your needs using this modern modality of surgery:

  • Ectopic pregnancies Ovarian cysts Hysterectomies Myomectomy for fibroids
  • Laparoscopic tuboplasties and reversal of sterilization Laparoscopic treatment for infertility
  • Ovarian drilling c/o PCOD
  • Laparoscopic correction of uterine malformation Laparoscopic correction of certain types of prolapse. This key hole method of advance surgery results in better healing, minimal pain, faster recovery and early return to daily activities.

Natural Access Scarless Surgerv

This implies Vaginal Surgery Operations like: Hysterectomy

  • Removal of ovarian cysts Prolapse
  • Myomectomy
  • Polypectomy

Post operative recovery is maximum with this approach and result in less pain since it is a totally scarless method much like a normal vaginal delivery.

Fetal Medicine

Problem pregnancies, both because of genetic and structural growth defects in the fetus or because of maternal complications are seen by specialists.

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