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Super speciality Pediatric hospital noida

The department of paediatrics comprises of a highly experienced team of paediatricians that offer the best out-patient, in-patient and intensive care services. The department offers expert intensivists and trained nurses in sub-specialty of neonatology to ensure compassionate care and speedy recovery of the baby. Complete care, safety and comfort of the patient are well taken care of. The Doctors provide expert counselling and consultations to the patient’s/child’s family members and are also skilled in treating a wide variety of paediatric diseases and illnesses related to lungs, skin, blood and kidney. The team focuses on complete care and focuses on the special needs of the new-borns. The paediatricians also make sure to provide superior education to the patient attendants and help them understand the problem well. The department of paediatrics focuses on providing tender care to the children and treat them with great compassion. The department has a focused vaccination programme for children.

The Department of super speciality pediatric hospital noida is managed by renowned and committed doctors. The department provides variety of child care – disease prevention and management services.

Some the services are:

  • Preventive services- immunization and vaccination
  • Anticipatory guidance
  • Assessment of well-being
  • Treatment of illnesses covering minor to most complicated and life threatening diseases to all age groups (foetus, newborn, infant, toddler, preschool, school age and adolescent). All these age groups have unique health requirements and we have the requisite skill set to manage such concerns well.

Antenatal care:

Even before birth of child, many of metabolic and genetic disorders and congenital malformations can be diagnosed in womb with the help of modern equipment and technology. Besides, well being of foetus can also be assessed. Counselling is done by both obstetrician and paediatrician in order to prepare for labor and newborn care. For patients likely to born before term, preventive treatment is given to prevent complications.

Neonatal care:

All deliveries are being conducted in presence of expert neonatologist. Neonatal care is given as per most recent medical guidelines. The neonate is screened for common disorders. We have the most advanced equipment to deal with critical situations and state of art tertiary level NICU.

Well baby care:

Growth and development, screening and early detection of health problems, preventive services, anticipatory guidance, nutritional advice, health education, behavioral training is being provided.

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