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Mr. Emanbaccus Ekhamil Video Icon
Mr. Emanbaccus Ekhamil Mauritius
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Mrs. Navruzmo Tajikistan
Mr. Anil Sharma Video Icon
Mr. Anil Sharma Indore
Mr Dasika Srinivas Video Icon
Mr Dasika Srinivas Hyderabad
Mr. Alexandre Video Icon
Mr. Alexandre France
Mr. Abhiskeh Video Icon
Mr. Abhiskeh Hyderabad
Mrs Shashekala Reddy Video Icon
Mrs Shashekala Reddy Hyderabad
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Mrs Suneeta Zahirabad
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Mrs Vani Bhalari
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Mrs Sita Maha Lakshmi NIzambad
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Mr Sri Sai
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Dr. Jitendra Kumar Shukla Lucknow
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Mrs. Prem Bala Lucknow
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Mrs. Judith Angumbwike Sanga Tanzania
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Mrs. Ramadevi Bangalore
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Mrs. Archana Bangalore
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Mr. Kashyap Bangalore
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Mr Mahendra Pratap Delhi
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Mr. Pranav Gupta Delhi
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Mr. Patrick Rwanda
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Mr. Tejaswi Delhi
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Mrs. Fathima Ali Oman
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Patient from Fiji Fiji
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Mr Mohamed Ali Somalia
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Mr. Shukla Varanasi
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Mrs. Jyoti Gautam Bangalore
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Mrs. Parimala M R Bangalore
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Mr. M. Ramakrishna Reddy Hyderabad
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Ms. Rina Kayal Kolkata
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Mr. Lucian Phillips Peru
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Mrs. Vasanth Kumari Chennai
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Mr. Sanamani Singh Yambam Manipur
Mr. V. Siva Video Icon
Mr. V. Siva Tamil Nadu
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Mr.Hamam Saif Oman
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Mr. Nur Maolin Ahmed Hassan Somalia
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Ms.Salma Mohammed Tanzania
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Mr.Alramadhan Madinah Mohammed Saudi Arabia
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Mr.Cliff Remeni Mushi Tanzania
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Mr.Mohammed Al Balushi Oman
Ms.Augustine Rugeyasila Video Icon
Ms.Augustine Rugeyasila Tanzania
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Bee Bee Chanbee Inty Mauritius
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Ms. Olanto Nigeria
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Mr.Sheikh Mohamed Bangladesh
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Mr.Mahendra Dhoj Gharti Nepal
Mrs. Rani Joseph Video Icon
Mrs. Rani Joseph Singapore
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Mr. Mr Ashok Kumar Srivastav Navi Mumbai
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Mr. Gomina Fousseni East Africa
Mr. Madhavrao Naik Video Icon
Mr. Madhavrao Naik Navi Mumbai
Former West Indies Cricketer Ian Bishop Video Icon
Former West Indies Cricketer Ian Bishop West Indies
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Dr. Ashok Kumar Nigam Uttar Pradesh
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Mr. V. Siva Tamil Nadu
Mrs Ayesham Khanam Video Icon
Mrs Ayesham Khanam Bangladesh
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Mr. Jaun Bocus Tawfiq Mauritius
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Mr. V. Siva Tamil Nadu
Mr Rasaiya Video Icon
Mr Rasaiya Tirunelveli
Mr. Said Abdullah Mubarak Al Mutaani Video Icon
Mr. Said Abdullah Mubarak Al Mutaani Oman
Dr. Orooba Mohmad Video Icon
Dr. Orooba Mohmad Iraq
Mr. Surojit Chatterjee Video Icon
Mr. Surojit Chatterjee USA
Mr. Harun Rashid Byemu Video Icon
Mr. Harun Rashid Byemu Tanzania
Mr.Abdul Mannan Video Icon
Mr.Abdul Mannan Bangladesh
Mr. T.N.Rajkumar Video Icon
Mr. T.N.Rajkumar Guntur
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Ms. Benedicta Tanzania
Mr.Pandu Video Icon
Mr.Pandu Tanzania
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Mr.Hamis Tanzania
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Dr.J.P. Ramanathan Chennai
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Mr.Naan Qasem Iraq
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American Tennis Player USA
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Mr.Stephen Group
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Mr.Gene Cunningham USA
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Mr.Jack Smith USA
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Ms.Bridget Onah USA
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Namaste Dr. Vijay Bose,

Hiking, biking, or swimming almost every day enjoying a healthy, athletic, lifestyle I thought I'd never see again. The only difficult part is remembering to keep the activity level dialed back for a while longer. All the other related problems I was having (low back pain, outer ankle/shin pain) have all cleared up and gone away. I'll send an x-ray when we get to 6 months post.

My sincere gratitude and many thanks to you and your staff. Everyone was great - Dr. Prajit, nurses, rehab therapists, Mohan, Healthbase, the Main charge of Apollo's food, cleaning staff... top shelf all the way. The entire experience was so incredibly positive that I find myself sharing it with anyone who will listen...

Warm Regards from Los Angeles,
Kevin Light
BHR Chennai 11 April, 2013

I was so impressed with the standards of the hospital and especially the Wonderful attention of all the staff.

The nursing care is second to none. I had my right knee joint replaced and I was amazed at the speed of my own recovery time. I was honored to give a lecture to nurses and staff on Kenya and I wish Apollo Hospitals and its staff all the best for the future.

ASANTE SANA (THANKS) to Dr. Pingle who carried out my Surgery.

My lnsight

Travel to lndia, having fractured my left arm and planning to do an operation, was really worrying. I was thinking that it would be a horrible experience.

After arriving in Hyderabad, I was welcomed and taken to the Hyderabad Apollo Health City. I talked to knowledgeable, understanding doctors, and received care from excellent trained nurses.

The Apollo lnternational Office's supportive and caring administrators arranged the whole visit. I felt very confident and satisfied with the care l was receiving

Now, I am at home, and really feeling happy about my treatment. I believe Apollo provide professional, state-of the-art treatment and care. There is a clear procedure. You just have to plan what you want in order to receive good quality treatment at a planned cost and have a happy experience. Well done Apollo.

Khalid Salim Al-Jardani

I just want to thank everyone involved with my Brand new knee. I am very excited about being able to do the things I love to do, like playing with my grand children & working in my yard.

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Aloha - Finished. That was hard work. Tough conditions, took just over 31 hours to swim 6.2 miles, bike 261 miles and run a 52.4 mile double marathon. No wonder I am smiling. I am done!

Ultraman World Championships 2011, my 10th Ultraman distance finish on the Smith and Nephew BHR. I ended up second in the 50-59 division [male] after having a great battle with Dan Squiller from San Diego, who is now the reigning World Champ for that division. Always the bridesmaid it seems!

Dan went 1:09 faster than he ever has at that distance though, and I kept the pressure turned up the entire time.

So it was a great race and a really wonderful experience for a guy who was told he would never run again not that long ago !

Thank you !

Cory Foulk

Apollo Orthopaedic Patient TestimonialApollo Orthopaedic Patient Testimonials Apollo Orthopaedic Patient Testimonials

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"Great surgery... Great Dr Gulati. Highly recommend - "Friendly staff"
-- Kipp Patrick Archambault, U S A

Apollo Orthopaedic Patient Testimonial

A comprehensive website led me to consider the Apollo Group for hip replacement surgery. When early treatment become imperative, I was able to organize surgery in three weeks. I have been most impressed with the medical staff and with the treatment received. I expected a painful recovery, but it has been painless. Everyone has treated me with great kindness and I am extremely thankful.
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"Thanks so much to you all for taking such good care of Eric while he has been in your care. It has been a worry for me having him so far away. I wish all good things for you and yours for the New Year as well. Many thanks - Leann & Eric Merrin"
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"I am very impressed at the cohesive manner and bond between the staff of various departments, almost like a family. So efficient and hospitable. You have all made my stay here less stressful and happy. Thank you all".
The efficiency which I received at 3.00 am upon my arrival at Apollo Chennai was comparable to a five star hotel service. Apollo's doctors are amazing professionals. The international patients department, the very reason for my visit took care of all our needs, and I look forward to my second visit to Apollo for further check-up. All you need to do for your healthcare is to check into Apollo Hospitals and your well-being is taken care of.
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All the staff have been wonderfully gracious and kind! It would be difficult to name one in particular because all were very attentive and helpful.
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Excellent. Thank you.
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This is my first trip to India. It is a big step to place your health and welfare into unknown hands. I feel this trust was merited. All levels of your staff were clean, proper and very kind.
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Thank you so much for taking care of us. We think of you daily. Apollo is very special for us.
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Apollo is excellent overall. The best part is the International Patients Service. They really help with the cultural differences. And all coordinators are excellent.
Professional, yet very caring and attentive. The surgical team was second to none. Other than the exceptional doctors at Apollo who were involved with my surgery, I would also like to recognize the incredible help and assistance we received from the International Patients Service Team.
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I was a patient for Ortho Surgery. I had an opportunity to know the functioning of the hospital in detail. Management is Excellent. Staff treatment to patients is remarkable & worthy. Patients gain confidence from the treatment. I am sure by passage of time the institution will be unchallenged in the state.
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The quality of treatment care is excellent and the co-ordination to make it happen is seamless. People should know that the option to come to India for treatment is real and one to be seriously considered.

UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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