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What is the Fast Track Daycare Total Knee Replacement?

Fast track daycare total knee replacement surgery is an advancement in knee surgery whereby the patient is discharged on the same day after the surgery. This reduces physiological and psychological stress related to surgery by enhancing early mobilization and rapid recovery.

Why is it done?

Knee replacement surgery is performed to restore the mobility and functioning of knee joints that are damaged due to injury, disease or wear–and-tear. You will be undergoing a few investigations and based on these reports, your Orthopedic surgeon will decide whether you are suitable for Fast Track Daycare Total Knee Replacement. Fast track daycare total knee replacement surgery provides faster mobility, economic advantage and also reduces any cross infection, especially during the pandemic situation.

What happens during the procedure?

Fast track daycare total knee replacement surgery involves use of advanced surgical techniques and miniature instruments. Regional anaesthesia is administered. All this ensures minimal cut, reduces complication, infection and side effects.

How long will it take?

With the new revolutionary minimally invasive technique, total knee surgery can be completed in just one hour.

What happens after the procedure?

Your post-operative phase will involve an early removal of catheter. You will experience only minimal pain due to small incisions. After few hours of observation, you will be sent home on the same day of surgery. At home, professional support like exercise will be facilitated.

Apollo expertise in the procedure

Fast Track Daycare Total Knee Replacement is a sophisticated procedure and currently, there are only few centres that perform this procedure in a daycare setup. This revolutionary surgery was performed on a diabetic 65-year-old female patient, by a team of experts led by Dr K J Reddy, Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. The patient was discharged the same evening after 8 hours of post-surgery.

Any info on which Apollo Hospitals do it

Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad has the distinction of performing South India’s first daycare, fast track TKR. To know more about the Fast Track Daycare Total Knee Replacement Surgery, click here

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