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Policy on "Recognition of Published Papers" was institutionalized in the year 2009, to encourage an academic and research milieu in the organization, by recognizing published papers in reputed peer reviewed journals by consultants, junior medical staff and DNB trainees and encouraging them to undertake research activities in their areas of expertise. Apollo Hospitals supports the effort by recognizing published papers with citation and cash award.

Papers are recognized based on impact factor which is one of the quantitative tools for ranking, evaluating and categorizing but at the same time, equal importance is given to merit of the research. 296 papers were recognized in 2017.

Year-wise published papers received from Consultants across the Apollo Hospitals Group

YearsNumber of Published Papers by Consultant across the Group% increase year-wise (Baseline: 2009-10)% increase year-wise (Baseline: last year data)
2009-2010 31 Base line --
2010-2011 46 48% 48%
2011-2012 43 39% -7%
2012-2013 103 232% 140%
2013-2014 121 290% 18%
2014-2015 163 426% 35%
2015-2016 263 748% 61%
2016-2017 304 880% 16%

List of total published papers recognized for Apollo Group Consultants

Policy on Recognition for Published Papers - 2018

To encourage an academic milieu in the organization by recognizing publication of papers in reputed peer reviewed journals by consultants, junior medical staff and nursing staff.

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