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Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, Lucknow has successfully performed liver transplantation surgery on a 54-year-old patient suffering from liver cirrhosis.

Apollomedics Super Specialty Hospital, Lucknow has already performed more than 50 Kidney Transplants successfully and will soon provide the facility of complex organ transplants such as Heart, Lung, Bone Marrow, Cornea, etc.

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai has successfully performed heart transplant on a 46-year-old patient and given him a new lease of life.

The patient was suffering from severe heart failure and was on the heart transplant waiting list for six months. Before the patient underwent heart transplant, he was admitted multiple times with intractable heart failure.

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai has successfully performed four liver transplants on patients following their COVID-19 recovery.

Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, has successfully performed four liver transplants following COVID-19 recovery. The four patients were diagnosed with end stage liver disease, following which 3 patients underwent living donor liver transplant and 1 deceased donor liver transplant. Post the liver transplant all the patients have recovered and are doing well.

In a first for Asia, four back-to-back MitraClip procedures were successfully performed in a single day at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

Apollo Hospitals is also developing the Echo Connect Project for expert opinions on echocardiography conducted across the country, detect defective mitral valves and refer patients for MitraClip procedure.

Apollo Cancer Centre, Chennai organised a Breast Cancer awareness campaign on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The importance of regular self-breast examination and screening was emphasized and a bus was flagged off to screen women in the villages of Kanchipuram for breast cancer.

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai performs Tamil Nadu’s first Fast Track Total Knee Replacement surgery on a 66-year-old patient.

Patient was diagnosed with severe Grade 4 Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint with associated deformity. Patient was mobilised within 3 hours post Fast Track Total Knee Replacement surgery.

Apollo Hospitals partners with Anatomiz3D Medtech to establish Hospital 3D Printing Labs in India.

The Hospital 3D-printing labs would provide medical 3D printing services for better healthcare, through the creation of anatomical models for pre-surgical planning and education, patient-specific cutting and drilling guides, and customized implants and implant moulds.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi has successfully performed heart transplantation on a 5-month-old infant suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy.

The infant was brought in to the Emergency department with no pulse and BP. He was resuscitated after 4 hours of continuous efforts by the Emergency team. The heart to be transplanted, was received from a 20-month-old cadaver donor.

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai organizes a 4-day Car Rally campaign on the occasion of National Road Safety Month.

The program includes Ophthalmology screening and Apollo Cardiac Outreach Programme at 32 Metropolitan Transport Depots, 10 State Express Transport Corporation Depots and 30 Tamil Nadu State Express Transport Corporation Depots.

Apollo Hospitals begins vaccinating healthcare workers and joins the nation’s COVID vaccination programme.

During vaccination, the entire process of infection control practices was followed including screening for fever, physical distance, hand hygiene, universal masking and safe injection practices.

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre organised a Cancer Awareness program to support the fight against Cancer and Covid-19.

Cancer survivors, doctors, nurses and caretakers imprinted their palms on a wall, expressing their support and gratitude towards each other for overcoming both cancer and COVID-19 together.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi successfully cured a 55-year-old patient of Post-COVID Encephalitis.

Post-COVID recovery, the patient was diagnosed with multiple swellings in the brain along with over 400 micro blood clots, known as COVID Encephalitis. Encephalitis is the immune response towards the virus that causes inflammation in the brain.

Baby with a novel mutation in blood (NF-E2) is the first in the world to undergo a successful bone marrow transplant at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi.

A 17-month-old Filipino baby was detected with a rare NF-E2 mutation in the blood at birth. The baby underwent multiple cycles of blood transfusion, before bone marrow transplant was performed.

Apollo Hospitals joins UAE’s WaterfallsTM initiative to train health and medical professionals around the world.

WaterfallsTM Initiative aims to train 1 million health professionals worldwide. Apollo Hospitals will conduct specialized lectures, seminars and workshops on vital topics in medicine, pharmacy, nutrition, public health, nursing, dentistry, and hospital management.

Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Vanagaram had organised a Motor Cycle rally to create awareness on Stroke.

On a bike, two Apollo Neurologists covered 2000 Kms in 4 days from Chennai to Kanyakumari. An ambulance also accompanied the entourage. The rally involved 40 awareness talks in several districts.

Apollo Hospitals and CSIR-CCMB collaborate to offer rapid, safe and cost-effective COVID-19 testing kits.

The DArRT-PCR test allows for rapid, safer and more cost-effective SARS-COV-2 testing. The test is developed by CSIR-CCMB and it will be available nationally through the Apollo Hospitals network.

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai has successfully performed an Arthroscopic Discoid Menicus Saucerization and Repair on a 7-year-old girl using the keyhole technique.

The child underwent an Arthroscopic lateral discoid Meniscus saucerization and repair which was performed using the keyhole technique with instrumentation designed specifically for children.

Apollo Recovery Clinic, Hyderabad saved an octogenarian COVID survivor with severe heart disease by performing TAVR procedure.

COVID survivors are developing myriad health problems from simple fatigue to complications with any organs. Performing TAVR on an 83-year-old COVID survivor was a milestone and a message that there is no need to postpone your medical treatment.

Apollo Hospitals, Indore has successfully performed Central India’s first and India’s second daycare hip replacement surgery on a 30-year-old patient.

Patient underwent hip replacement surgery for the damaged left hip joint with prosthetic components. Post-surgery, patient got discharged on the same day, less than 12 hours of admission.

Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Vanagaram saved an Ischemic stroke patient by performing three life-saving procedures.

The patient underwent Thrombolysis followed by Mechanical Thrombectomy to remove the clot. An emergency decompressive craniectomy was also done to release the pressure that was built-up inside the cranium.
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