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Clinical Fellowships

Clinical Fellowships

Clinical Fellowship of Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Foundation (AHERF)

1. Clinical fellowships by AHERF are offered in those specialties where no structured or limited training programs exists at post graduate level in India.

2. There is a defined eligibility criteria for any candidate be selected for fellowship training. Further There is a defined duration for each fellowship based on the extensiveness of the training program as per requirement of the clinical fellowship under that specialty.

3. 53 Clinical Fellowships with 79 seats have been approved at 19 Apollo Group locations to run the Clinical Fellowship.


4. Process

  • Locations desirous to run a clinical fellowship program in any department/specialty may apply for approval of department as per Annexure A (attached).
  • The departments offering the fellowship for one seat should have two full time Consultants.
  • In Annexure A, the location has to mention the OP volumes, IP volumes and number of procedures during the last one year.
  • The AHERF fellowship committee will approve the department to run the fellowship.
  • There is a structured curriculum developed by the consultants (guide) and curriculum is updated from time to time.
  • There is a defined eligibility criteria for each candidate to join a specific clinical fellowship.
  • Proper publicity is done by each location before inviting applications in the months of May and October each year and eligible candidates forward their applications in the prescribed format as per Annexure B (attached) to the respective Director Medical Services/Medical Heads.
  • There is an entrance exam for certain fellowships which are in more demand.
  • Shortlisted candidates are called for an interview by a selection committee at the department level.
  • The candidate is approved by the committee in consultation with Director Medical Services / Medical Head, academic/clinical coordinator and consultant (guide) of the respective specialty.
  • The duration of training under the fellowship program varies from 6 months to one year to two years depending upon the scope of training under each fellowship.
  • It is mandatory for a fellow to follow the training schedule as per Annexure C (attached).
  • Each candidate must maintain a log book in which makes entries on daily basis (format attached).
  • In training examination – Quarterly, half yearly and yearly internal evaluation is done which consist of a written test (multiple choice questions) and one clinical presentation in a Local/State/National CME.


5. Final Assessment / Evaluation process and Exit examination

Final examination is being conducted at the end of the fellowship program by one external examiner and one internal examiner. The final examination consists of the following:

  1. i. Written Examination – 25 Marks (10 questions which require brief answers and each question shall carry 2.5 marks). External examiner will set the paper.
  2. ii. MCQs type – 25 Marks (10 questions. Each question having 4 multiple choice answers. Each question shall carry 2.5 marks). External examiner will set the paper.
  3. iii. Viva – 20 Marks (10 marks for external and 10 for internal examiner).

    External examiner will give due weightage to the article or paper published by the Clinical Fellow in a reputed journal while giving marks under Viva.

  4. iv. Practical Clinical Skill Assessment Test – 30 Marks (one long case carrying 20 marks and one short case carrying 10 marks). This pattern may be changed by the internal examiner in consultation with external examiner depending upon the specialty.


6. Logbook is provided to each candidate by the institution and is maintained by each candidate on daily basis. Logbook is countersigned by the supervisor/guide on regular basis.

7. The minimum passing marks are 50% in written, MCQs, Viva and Practical Clinical Skill Assessment test.

8. Upon successful completion of training and examination process, the successful Clinical Fellow is conferred the Clinical Fellowship of AHERF in the respective specialty and a certificate is given.

Features and highlights of fellowship of AHERF:

  • Fellowship only in those areas where PG training is not available
  • Defined eligibility criteria
  • Defined duration of fellowship
  • Proper approval process for department to run the fellowship
  • For one fellowship seat, two full time consultants required
  • Adequate number of OP volumes, IP volumes and number of procedure
  • Approval to run fellowship by authorized committee
  • Structured curriculum
  • Defined eligibility criteria to join a fellowship
  • Proper publicity before inviting application
  • Entrance exam for certain fellowships
  • Interview of shortlisted candidates
  • All candidates are registered with State Medical Council or Medical Council of India.
  • We do not take any foreign national for doing any of these clinical fellowships.
  • Proper training schedule
  • Compulsory maintenance of log book
  • In training examination (quarterly, half-yearly and yearly)
  • Proper assessment valuation and exit examination:
    • Written Examination
    • MCQs
    • Viva
    • Practical clinical skill assessment
  • Minimum 50% passing marks in each of the above

The Head and Neck Surgical Oncology, two years fellowship program is open to those who have completed their Masters in General Surgery, ENT or Oral and Maxillo-Facial surgery. The recommended program is for two years – first year of basic course and second year advanced course. Those interested in joining the fellowship are invited to do a mandatory 2-week Observership period at the Institute during which their knowledge, skills, attitude and commitment to the speciality is assessed. We have realized this to be a superior process for selection of the appropriate candidate rather than a single day theory test and personal interview. Selected candidates are provided a stipend and have to pass a comprehensive examination at the end of their course to obtain certification.

Policy And Application Forms On Clinical Fellowship

UPDATED ON 28/03/2024

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