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The Apollo Standards of Clinical Care

The Apollo Standards of Clinical Care (TASCC) standardizes quality of care across all its hospitals. It covers outcome dashboards, patient safety, standardized policies and adverse event reporting and review.

Some of the key initiatives are:

  • Apollo Clinical Excellence (ACE) @ 25 is a clinical balanced scorecard focusing on clinical excellence, patient safety and functional efficiency of a hospital. ACE @ 25 is a clinical balanced scorecard incorporating 25 clinical quality parameters involving complication rates, mortality rates, one year survival rates and average length of stay after major procedures like liver and renal transplant, CABG, TKR, THR, TURP, PTCA, endoscopy, large bowel resection and MRM covering all major specialties. [Read more about ACE @ 25]
  • Apollo Quality Program (AQP) has implemented patient safety processes across Apollo hospitals and broadly covers four areas, i.e. safety during clinical handovers, surgical safety, medication safety and the six International Patient Safety Goals of JCI. The results of the AQP were published in the June 2012 issue of the official journal of the International Hospitals Federation.
  • Apollo Incident Reporting System (AIRS) tracks all incidents that pose a safety risk to patient’s families, visitors and staff, including sentinel events.
  • All deaths at Apollo are systematically peer reviewed using the Apollo Mortality Review (AMR) process to identify any preventable deaths.
  • Apollo Critical Policies, Plans and Procedures (ACPPP) are a group of standardized clinical and non-clinical processes that help Apollo provide desired clinical care to patients under all circumstances. Safe Surgery Checklist, ICU Check List, Quality Workshops and Shared Practices are some other initiatives to continuously improve standards of care delivery in the Apollo Hospitals group. Apollo Hospitals  group has continuously shown improvements on each of these parameters since their implementation.
  • Apollo Hospitals hosts the annual International Congress on Patient Safety in association with ISQUA, JCI and NABH. The conferences are extremely well attended by healthcare professionals from over 24 countries.The Asian Patients Safety Awards 2014, aimed to recognise the best healthcare practices are also presented.

UPDATED ON 22/07/2020

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