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NAVIO Surgical system provides robotic assistance to your Orthopedic Surgeon for precise positioning of implants. All procedures performed in the NAVIO Surgical System has a customised plan based on each patient’s unique anatomy and the system works in conjunction with your surgeon’s skilled hand. The robotic-assisted technology relays information about your knee to the hand-held robotic piece which is used by your surgeon during the procedure.

Clinical Application

NAVIO Surgical System is used to perform both partial and total knee replacement surgeries. This advanced robotic technology creates a 3D image of your knee without the need of pre-operative CT Scan. With the help of these details your surgeon virtually achieves a successful customised surgery plan.


  • Customised planning for surgery.
  • No CT Scan required.
  • Smaller surgical incision.
  • Less pain due to less cutting of tissue.
  • Near to natural knee motion.
  • Accurate placement of implant.
  • Reduced hospital stay.
  • Quicker rehabilitation and recovery.

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UPDATED ON 26/09/2023

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