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Mrs. Areda Ethiopia
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Mr. Ahmed Ali Abhi Somalia
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Mr Shavneet Sharma Fiji
Mrs. Shyama Devi Video Icon
Mrs. Shyama Devi Varanasi
Ms. Chandani Video Icon
Ms. Chandani Lucknow
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Mrs. Mangalabai Bidwai Nanded
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Mr. Ashok Singh, Hardoi
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Mr. Murli Ram Uttar Pradesh
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Mrs. Jyoti Gautam Delhi
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Mr. Hilal Oman
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Mr.Osman Mohamed Hersi Kenya
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Mr.Yousuf mohammed Al Masoudi Oman
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Ms.Rebecca Kenya
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Mr. Abdul Jubar Afghanistan
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Ms. Blessing Nigeria
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Mr. Goeler Gunda Switzerland
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Mr.David Daniel Louis Canada
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Mrs. Chatla Swaroopa Hyderabad
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Ms. Chandrawati Uttar Pradesh
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Mrs. Mande Kale Maharashtra
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Mrs. Amna Abdulla Oman
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Mr. Al Omari Saad Abdullah Saudi Arabia
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Ms.Sushila Nepal
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Baby Mamoon Mohmood Aljabri Oman
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Mr.Tokumine Kazuto Japan
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Mr.Shanmukha Rao India
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Ms.Christine Sauer Canada
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Mr. Steward USA
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass at the Apollo Hospitals Video Icon
Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass at the Apollo Hospitals India


The Apollo Hospital was recommended to us by our good friend SANJIV SARAN, a resident of New Delhi, and a fellow Rotarian. Both my wife and I had travelled to India a number of times to do projects with Rotarians from around the world. Over time we found we (my wife and me) were losing a battle with our weight. Our doctor at home finally suggested either drugs, or surgery. But surgery was out of the question in the USA, so we suggested to our doctor that we do the surgery on our next trip to India he agreed. My next call to SANJIV was to put the process in motion. The Hospital facility has met our expectations. The medical staff has far exceeded anything we expected Dr. KRIPLANI has been excellent from his initial advice to our ongoing consultations. Our internist is also excellent. The nursing staff has been on call at any moment needed and the housekeeping staff has been absolutely outstanding. We both feel we have received excellent care - as good or better than we wouldhave received in the USA. Our decision to have this gastric sleeve surgery together is a step toward improving life - long health and Apollo Hospital is now a part of that decision. I also want to thank Rekha Nair, who helped us so much to coordinate our plans. She also made us feel welcome and secure. Special thanks to PURAN SINGH in housekeeping for excellent care.


I came here for my Lap. Gastric bypass surgery. We were treated as good as can be, the hospital is very efficient and well organized, extremely clean, the doctors are excellent. Nurses and other staff very caring & well trained. I would come back here for another problem any time. It was worth the long flight here.

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There is a New World awaiting post transplant patients! 6 yrs ago, no one in the family or even me, ever thought I would take up Astronomy and Science! Just a casual conversation, post transplant, with Dr Anand Khakhar, Apollo Hospital , triggered off this childhood passion in me Today I am doing online courses in Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Observational Astronomy. I also give talks to beginners and do many outreach programmes for spreading Astronomy!

Enjoy the 2nd innings given to you by the Donor and your Doctors! This is a great way for repaying them back.

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Kumaradarani is now six years post liver transplant and is enjoying her new lease on life she is now the proud grandmother of an energetic 18 month old granddaughter. She has married off one of her sons and is looking to marry and settle her other son. All this seemed like a distant dream six years ago when she could not care for her children, barely walk nor eat and was constantly worried about her children's future, a future she did not think she could be a part of. She and her children feel lucky and grateful for this time together and would also like to be organ donors as they now recognize the impact this act has on others lives.

Mrs. Kumardarani
53 years old

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Dnyshree was just a two months short of her 16th birthday when she developed jaundice, yes just jaundice but her condition deteriorated drastically in 20 days her doctors felt a liver transplant was her only option. And as her situation was critical, her doctors at the Pune Hospital contacted Apollo Chennai who then sent her an Apollo ambulance to airlift her to Chennai. On 20th March 2013, she received a donor organ that gave her a chance at life again. Now nineteen year old Dnyshree states "life is just normal now but I am thankful for that. I never thought about organ donation before but now me and my whole family have decided to donate and whenever I get a chance I tell people about this and encourage them to do the same."

Ms.Dnyshree Ghule
19 years

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On September 14, 2015 Amit Salariya age 45 will celebrate his first year post transplant. He has used this second chance at life wisely he states. I dedicate my time to my wife and children. My children were very young just 9 and 7 and they saw their father suffer a lot and were traumatized by it. Prior to this surgery I was worried about my children growing up without a father and concerned about my wife. I was very frustrated about my inability to help them and would get angry easily and was very emotional as I felt helpless. I still remember the call we got on September 13 2014 from Hyderabad that changed my life. Now I think about the donor family and am thankful to them for giving me this new birth.

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Aqeel was a young man with his whole life ahead of him, like most 30 year old's he had many dreams and plans but suddenly in 2007 he developed liver cirrhosis of unknown origin. His life began to deteriorate he could not go to work, his mobility was restricted because of water retention, he was on drips and medication and he began to get frustrated and felt hopeless about his future which looked bleak and short. All of this changed one day in March 2013 he received a call, the call he dared not hope for, the call that changed his life, they had a donor. His life now has changed drastically he states I have left it all behind, I now go to work, the gym, play sports, I feel I have so much to look forward. This experience made me and my family pledge to be organ donors and we feel blessed that we were able to receive this gift and come out of it.

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New Delhi, Nov 20 (IANS) A 14-year-old boy will return to his home in Pakistan Friday with a new lease of life thanks to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi - yet another instance of people-to-people goodwill between the two sides.

Mobeen Ahmed was suffering from cirrhosis of liver since he was two. While there was no transplant facility in Pakistan, treatment abroad would cost far more than his father Iftakar Ahmad, a cook, could afford.

After raising some money, Iftakar, Mobeen and his elder brother Bismil came to Delhi for treatment at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital. Looking for help, they turned to Gandhi.

A grievance redressal cell in Gandhi's office responded to their request.

He has eight siblings and his father works as a cook. Mobeen was a lost case till he reached out to the Congress president. The money for his treatment was raised through newspaper advertisements, Archana Dalima, head of the grievance redressal cell, told IANS.

"Soniaji also requested hospital authorities to relax the charges for the liver transplant," she said.

The hospital waived its fee and brought down the cost of treatment from Rs.1.5 million to Rs.600,000.

"We did not charge any fee for medical surgery," said Anupam Sibal, paediatric gastroenterologist and group medical director at the Apollo Hospital.

"When we first saw him he was very weak, malnourished and suffering from anemia and jaundice. He had a bloated belly, yellow eyes, stunted growth and swollen nails. His liver was completely damaged and we knew that he needed liver transplant," he said.

Bismil, 20, donated 40 percent of his liver for the transplant and the liver transplant surgery was done Oct 21.

"Now Mobeen and his brother have recovered well and are ready to travel," said Sibal.

Before returning home in Lahore, Mobeen Wednesday met Gandhi, who gifted him a cricket kit and, knowing his fondness for Hindi films, some movie CDs.

His case reminded many of Noor Fatima, a two-year-old Pakistani girl, whose parents brought her here in 2003 for a rare heart surgery amid extensive media coverage leading to support from Indians, from prayers to financial assistance.

Mobeen was the fifth Pakistani child to undergo liver transplant at the Apollo Hospital, which has conducted 125 liver transplants in the last 22 months.

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Every one was friendly and efficient. International Coordinators are good.
I would like to thank Apollo Hospitals, its doctors and the international patients service team for the wonderful experience we had during my treatment. The nursing staff has given us wonderful care and we had a great experience. Chennai is such a wonderful city with lot of nice people.
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We had a fantastic doctor at Apollo Chennai. A very pleasing experience.

UPDATED ON 28/03/2024

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