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Pediatrics at Apollo Hospitals offers the best in child health care, providing an advanced level of care – both medical and surgical. We set the benchmark in handling extremely premature babies and successfully treating the rarest diseases in children. We understand that each child is unique, hence we offer a customised treatment considering their milestones – developmental, cognitive, communication and emotional or social.


The department of Pediatrics at Apollo Hospitals offers a child-friendly environment. Apollo Hospitals is renowned for excellence in diagnosis, management and treatment of children of all ages – from newborn babies to adolescents.

The Pediatric units at Apollo Hospitals offer world-class treatment in Pediatric sub-specialities such as:

  • Neonatology (newborn care)
  • Developmental Pediatrics
  • Adolescent Care
  • Paediatric Orthopaedics
  • Pediatric Cardiology and Cardio Thoracic Surgery
  • Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care
  • Pediatric Endocrinology
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology
  • Pediatric Haematology
  • Pediatric Nephrology
  • Pediatric Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Pediatric Oncology
  • Pediatric Organ Transplantation
  • Pediatric Pulmonology

The department provides a well-equipped Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) which is manned round-the-clock by our experienced specialists and highly trained nurses, for the treatment of the critically ill or injured child.


From immunisation to complex surgery, our pediatricians offer comprehensive care to build a healthy future for our next generation. Our experienced team of pediatricians are highly qualified and have treated many children across the globe for a broad range of diseases and disorders. Our doctors have successfully performed numerous advance laparoscopic surgeries, complex minimally invasive surgeries, deformity correction surgeries, oncology surgeries etc.

Some of the conditions frequently treated are:

  • Allergies and Asthma
  • Ankyloglossia (Tongue-tie)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Atrial Septal Defect
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Childhood Cancers
  • Cleft lip and Cleft Palate
  • Club feet
  • Concussion
  • Dyslexia
  • Epilepsy and Seizure disorders
  • Hydrocele
  • Hypotonia
  • Juvenile Idiopathic arthritis (JIA)
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)
  • Pyloric Stenosis
  • Roseola
  • Scoliosis
  • Spasticity
  • Spina Bifida
  • Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Transposition of great arteries
  • Tricuspid atresia
  • Tourette Syndrome (TS)
  • Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)

The department has successfully performed many pediatric surgeries and procedures in varied specialities including cochlear implants , ECMO, organ transplantation , pyloromyotomy to name a few.


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UPDATED ON 08/02/2023

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