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Average Length Of Stay (ALOS) in the hospital post Total Knee Replacement surgery

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What does it mean?

Average length of stay means the average number of inpatient days of stay. In other words it measures the duration of patient stay at the hospital for this procedure. Low ALOS is ideal and it would be achievable only when all clinical care processes and outcomes are optimal and there are no complications while the patient is at the hospital.

What does it indicate?

A low ALOS always implies that the hospital’s clinical care as well as adminsitrative processes are efficient and enable the patient to go home quickly after a faster recovery.

Name of Parameter Bench Mark Reference 2023-2024
ALOS post TKR 3.7 days Mayo Clinic Proceedings 2012 3.76 days

* References chosen for the benchmark of each indicator, are the best of class for that respective indicator
** All values audited and validated by the Apollo Clinical Audit Team

UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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