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Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India

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Apollo Hospitals, India offers advanced treatment for various hip disorders, including arthritis. Apollo has the distinction of pioneering the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure in India. The procedure has a success rate of 99% and has proved extremely beneficial for relatively young patients suffering from secondary arthritis.

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing has been considered a breakthrough medical technique. Apollo Hospitals, India, is the pioneer of the Birmingham Hip Replacement procedure in the Asian region. Thousands of medical tourists from across the globe come to Apollo Hospitals, to undergo BHR – not just for the cost factor, but also for the expertise. BHR has come as a boon for younger patients, as it results in very little bone loss and almost normal unrestricted movements and functions. The success rate of BHR is over 99%.

What is Birmingham Hip Replacement or resurfacing (BHR)?

BHR is primarily intended for use in people who are in need of a hip replacement at a younger age and therefore are likely to be more active. In Birmingham Hip Resurfacing a very small part of bone on the top of the thighbone is resurfaced. A metal head is fixed on the thighbone. It fits into a metal socket placed in the joint.

For people needing a replacement under the age of 55, regular consideration is given for this procedure. People aged between 55 and 65 who are very active and otherwise fit may also be suitable and this will be determined by their bone quality and activity level.

The BHR advantage

Traditional Total Hip Replacements (THR) invariably have a ‘metal on plastic’ bearing. These are reasonably successful in elderly relatively inactive patients, but offer unacceptably poor long term outcomes for young, active patients often with unavoidable multiple revision surgeries and associated complications. It is to avoid this unfortunate sequence of events that Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) was developed.

Who Needs Hip Resurfacing?

Conventional Hip Replacement Birmingham Hip Replacement
Suitable for Elderly Patients Suitable for Younger Patients
Head of femur (thigh bone) removed Bone not removed
Articulation is metal with plastic Articulation is metal with metal
Wears out rapidly in young and active patients ‘Everlasting’ – based on 35 year history in Birmingham of Metal on Metal Articulation
Revision Surgery invariably necessary in younger patients Revision Surgery not required for younger patients
Activity restriction required after Surgery for fear of dislocation Activity restriction not required after Surgery as there is hardly any risk of dislocation (can sit on floor ,squat, use Indian toilet, etc)
Sport not advised as the usage is inversely proportional the life of the hip replacement Sport and High demand activities encouraged as usage is not related to life of resurfacing implant

Total Hip Replacement

The end portion of the thighbone affected by arthritis is replaced with a metal head that can be cemented with special glue to the stem of the thighbone (or) can be uncemented (in younger patients). The socket is replaced with a metallic cup and high density plastic is used as an insert into it. The socket is usually left uncemented (screws are used to connect to the thighbone). The Total Hip Replacement procedure enables restoration of the natural gliding motion of the joint.

Proxima Hip Replacement

The Proxima Hip Replacement is also ideal for young patients. In this minimally-invasive procedure, the part of thighbone at the point where it begins is shaped and replaced by a metal head. This sits in a metal cup that is fitted into the socket.

Bilateral and Revision Hip Replacements are also done at Apollo Hospitals, India. Some hip surgeries can also be performed using minimally-invasive techniques.

UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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