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Geriatric Orthopedic Care

Geriatric Orthopedic Care

Geriatric Orthopedic Care - Apollo Hospitals



Apollo Hospitals introduces a new implant – Zimmer Motion Loc used in operating Osteoporotic fractures, a first of its kind in South India. This implant is a revolutionary technique for Geriatric Orthopedic care Geriatric Orthopedic care that promises faster and stronger healing.

The benefits of this new implant are:

1. The Zimmer Motion Loc (as per various Asian surgeons’ observations and feedback), has shown a Callus formation in as fast as 3 weeks’ time.

2. The Zimmer Motion Loc screws have a reduced shaft diameter and hence act as a cantilever beam that can elastically flex within a controlled motion enveloping the near cortex. This results in axial motion at the fracture that is similar at both the cortex near the plate and the cortex opposite the plate (parallel motion).

3. As per various studies published in JOT and JBJS, the Far Cortical Locking construct can provide an 81% decrease in axial stiffness but still retain the similar or more construct strength

4. In Motion Loc construct, all Far Cortical Locking screws equally share load and distribute loads along near and far the cortex

5. Zimmer Motion Loc construct has a biphasic biomechanical property. As the load elevates, the cortex will provide the biomechanical support to the far cortical locking screws.

6. Under one body weight load bearing, Zimmer Motion Loc (and Far Cortical Locking Constructs) provides between 0.4mm to 0.6mm of motion at the near and far cortex. The increased working length leads to greater flexibility.

The controlled motion is within the 0.2mm-1.00mm stimulation range known to promote callus formation.

In comparison, standard locking plate constructs typically yield less than 0.1mm motion at the near cortex under one body weight.

7. One of the issues we have with the current locked system in treating Osteopenic/Osteoporotic bone is that the construct is too stiff which may lead to bone lysis and screw cut out.

A biomechanical study actually showed that the Far Cortical Locking construct demonstrated increased construct strength in an Osteoporotic bone.

FDA has already approved the use of Motion Loc in Osteopenic bones

8. Motion Loc screw has a reverse cutting thread design which facilitates the screw removal.

9. It is recommended to back out 1/2 a turn with Motion Loc screw after reduction is achieved to prevent friction forces.

10. Lastly a distinct advantage of NCB plating system is that it provides lag screw flexibility in addition to the locking screw stability. The screws get locked to the plate with a locking cap at the head. This also prevents cold welding or stripping and the Non Contact Bridging feature further preserves the periosteum bloodflow.

UPDATED ON 27/09/2023

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