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Dear Dr. Hegde, As of tomorrow it will have been a year since you changed my life. I wanted to let you know how great I am doing and wanted to Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I owe you so much I could never be able to repay you. When you first met me I was at a constant 7 or 8 (sometimes higher) on the pain scale. But, ever since you did a wonderful job on my back I am at around 3 or 4 at times (sometimes lower). I wanted to say thank you again and let you know that you are one of my angels. I honestly wish there was a way I could ever pay you back. Thank you again

Ms.Michelle Smith
Buellton, California
Surgery date: 3/5/14

To Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.


Heading above refer, my wife (Anna) has suffered from chronic neck pain and loose power on right hand and leg. The pain started slowly and keeps growing up for the past 3 years. We have consulted many surgeons and medical checks in Tanzania with no success. The last Hospital was our national hospital where the MRI scan was done and detect a problem in SIPNAL CORD and been advised to undergo for a spinal cord surgery. According to availability of the neuro surgeon speciality and the nature of the surgery required. I deside to seek for medical treatment oversees. My brother's wife was in Apollo Speciality Hospital under Dr. VIKAS for a LIVER SURGICAL which took place on MAY, 2012, the operation went successful. I got Dr. Vikas contact from my brother, and contact him through phone/Email and deliver all my wife medical documents . My request did not meet Dr. Vikas specialties, he then by pass my documents to Dr.Parthiban J.K.B.C, who is a senior neuro Surgeon Consultant. His replay was to see the patient. We made our way to Apollo Speciality Hospital on 29th of June, 2012 and arrive on 30th of June 2012 the Miracle Day. With amazing speed, from the day arrived she did be sent for medical checks for 6Days continuously under Dr.Parthiban and his team, every step we was well informed.

On 05th July 12, 2012 We had a call to meet Dr.Parthiban in his office for the check result, and treatment plan, as per Doctor , Spinal cord surgery was required to remove the lesion, and the time to conduct the operation he estimate to be 8Hours. I knew how danger the operation was, look at my wife and see how she fill and cry. I had no way to go; the only way was surgery to take place. I made my decision, the operation to take place and save my lovely wife life. On 09th July 12, 2012 the Miracle day arrived and the surgery was conducted successful, for seven hours, under Dr.Parthiban and his lovely team. She then moved to a medium Intensive care Unit, where she stays for 24HRS.First time I meet her ,she was In ICU Room, the only thing I saw was a smile on her face. I thanks GOD for all happened to my wife. Dr.Parthiban I thanks you again, God have path the Miracle through your hands with the help of Apollo Speciality Hospital Team you did it. Big up to all for the help done to my wife life. Thank you all, May God continue to up hold Apollo Speciality Hospital and the Team. Well come to Tanzania all. Our contact as per above address.

GLORY TO GOD Mr. & Mrs. A.A.Masoy

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Thanks to Apollo my wife has been saved from a life endangering infection in the spine. From 1992 when Ovarian Cancer was detected she had had a series of major surgeries initially directed towards Cancer Ovary but later to correct sequel to various treatment given including radiation. Present admission was with an illness unconnected either to cancer or its treatment. Discitis at L5 S1. Once again diagnosis was quickly arrived at, appropriate treatment instituted including surgery on the spine. Eighty year old Jayalakshmi was discharged with advice on follow up to be done. Kudos to Apollo.

Permit me to record my gratitude & indebtedness to the team of doctors who jointly helped my wife tide over the crisis. Doctors Ravi, Senthil, Anand Murugesan, Ramasubramanian deserve credit for their commitment & dedication matched of course by high technical expertise. Unmatched infrastructure available in Apollo made a huge difference. Nurses in HDU were exemplary in caring for my wife. Last but not least administrative support extended by Dr.Bama (remaining always incognito but very effective) was tremendous.

My salutations once more to Dheergadharisi Dr.Reddy who had made this possible and MS.Preetha reddy who is seamlessly pursuing the goal .

My daughter had a scoliosis corrective surgery at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. Apollo Hospital is friendly, homely and a modern hospital with highly qualified, experienced medical professionals and caring staff especially the international patient service team. The care and treatment is excellent and please provide this level of excellent medical service to humanity. God bless Apollo Family. - Ms.Okwu (Ms. Ama's Mother)

It was so refreshing to be treated with such efficiency, compassion, competence and respect at the Apollo Hospital. By Staff and Doctors alike. I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Dr. Sajan Hegde and his team, all staff at the Apollo Hospitals and of course to the International Patients Division for such great personal attention. I am forever grateful to you all. Attached are a few photos so that you are able to see the BEFORE and AFTER and the huge impact and changes to my life. I welcome all questions, if I can be of any help please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to share.
Thank you Apollo. For the best medical care I have received
Where do you begin when describing a miracle? I never could have expected such quality of service and medical expertise as which was found at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. You cannot find this level of comfort anywhere else in the world; Apollo is blessed with the best surgeons, physicians and nurses in the world. I cannot thank Apollo enough; Apollo has given me a second chance in life.

UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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