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Health Check Up FAQs

Health Check Up FAQs

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The Master Health Check (MHC) is a fixed package whereas Apollo Personalised Health Check (APHC) is a customized plan designed based on your requirement as determined by a Doctor. There will be a base profile of tests in APHC and other tests/consults will customize your package.

Your reports will usually be available either on the evening of the check up or on the following day and also will depend on the additional tests/consults which are required to customize your package.

During the entire process, you will meet the General Physician twice, once before the process starts and once when all the test results are available. You may get a consultation with a Surgeon/Gynecologist and other Specialists depending on your requirements

Vaccinations are not only beneficial for children, adults can also benefit from vaccines. For example, vaccines for adults are now available for diseases like Cervical cancer, which is the most common cause of cancer in India. There are also vaccines for Hepatitis and Flu. We will advice you on which vaccines you should get.

As a part of the Personalized Health Check you will meet senior doctors who will guide you on the most appropriate course of action on how to treat your existing ailments.

Doctor consultation is a part of the Personalized Health Check. The doctor will assess your condition and then refer you to a specialist if necessary.

Health Checks should not be reserved for when you are feeling unwell – they are a great way of ensuring that your general health is maintained. Some conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers may not produce any obvious physical symptoms, however early detection and treatment can help ensure that your heart remains healthy and that your risk of heart disease or stroke are greatly reduced.

We also offer an afternoon Health Check from 2pm onwards at certain locations* for which 5 hours of fasting will be required. Random blood sugar and random lipid profile are done in these check ups and if the Physician suspects any variation in these reports, he may advise you to repeat certain blood tests after 8-10 hours of overnight fasting. (*Location specific)

It is a genetic screening test that analyses DNA to detect your risk for developing disease conditions (presently we give predisposition to 62 diseases.) It is a once in a life time test. Apollo Hospital is the only hospital that offers DNA testing along with Health Checks in India at present.

DNA Check is a predictive test and not a diagnostic test. A DNA test will tell us about your risk of having the disease and not whether you have the disease or not. Whereas, only a Health Check which is diagnostic, can tell you whether you have the disease at the present time or not. Basis your genome analysis, the DNA+ test will add to the personalization of your healthcare by complementing your health check.


UPDATED ON 15/11/2023

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