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Yet another Break through surgery at Apollo Hospitals Chennai !

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 10 May,2011

Super specialist team of doctors headed by Dr. Sunder, Cardio Thoracic surgeon, Apollo Hospital Chennai, reduced the agony of Mr.Karunakaran by performing a demanding surgery ensuring him a quick recovery from deep organ burns that deprived him of his vocal ability and breath.

Dr. Sunder, Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, Apollo Hospital Chennai, said “After a 3 hours surgery Mr. Karunakaran from Ramanathapuram, is now quite a celebrity among the doctors and nurses at Apollo Hospitals since he has survived a severe organ burn, where in the iron rod burned the outer part of his wind pipe and the food pipe puncturing his lung and affecting his thoracic duct that brings the khyle fluid to the heart for its proper functioning”.

Dr.Sunder, explained “It was an extremely complicated grafting done with the help of endoscopy in which the inner part of the food and the wind pipe were found to be intact where as the outer part of the both suffered burns, we further proceed with the actual surgery where all his cooked up tissues were transferred with a fresh ones. Sustaining a life threatening injury with a red-hot-iron rod shows the patient’s remarkable courage”.

It is a known fact that burn victims with 50 percent of external burns have low survival rate. The patient had a part of his lungs and other organs burned this could have led to dysfunction of organs too. Hence this unbeaten surgery was to ensure his recovery.

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
10 May,2011
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