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One-day workshop on GCP and Recent Advances in Clinical Trials Conduct, was organised by Indian Society for Clinical Research & Apollo Research and Innovations, Hyderabad

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 11 Dec,2018

The workshop on GCP and Recent Advances in Clinical Trials Conduct, organised by Indian Society for Clinical Research and Apollo Research and Innovations (ARI), Hyderabad, was held on November 23, 2018 at the Apollo Hospitals’ Auditorium. There were 140 delegates from various disciplines (Doctors/ coordinators/ethics committee members/PI/SMOs/CROs/ Students etc.) participating in deliberations through the day.

The group exercise (Mentimeter) was the highlight of the day. Programme Organising Committee was Ms Chandana Pal (Hyderabad), Dr. Ramesh Jagannathan (Bengaluru), Mr. Praveen Kumar (Hyderabad), Mr. Rajesh CN. (Hyderabad), Mr.Rakesh Dadhania (Hyderabad).

The workshop was inaugurated by Ms. Ishita Shively, Vice President, ARI. She welcomed the speakers and spoke on how important it was for organizations like ISCR, the only body for clinical research in India and Apollo Research and Innovation, doing research for the last 18 years, to be hand in hand to not only conduct ethical research but also deliberate in workshops and meetings like these to keep the research community united and updated. This was one of a kind workshop where the target delegate was site and site specific research personnel – the force that mans clinical research on the ground.

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
11 Dec,2018
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