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Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, successfully performs a Presbyopia implant for the first time in South India

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 17 Feb,2015

The procedure was performed by Dr. Rajesh Fogla, Senior Consultant, Ophthalmologist, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad using the Ziemer Z6 Femtosecond laser, one of the most advanced laser system from Switzerland.

“In our 40s and 50s, one begins to experience the naturally frustrating effects of blurry near vision. Reading the newspaper, ordering off a menu, even grocery shopping becomes a struggle. This is due to Presbyopia, which is the loss of near vision because of the stiffening of the natural lens on account of ageing,” Dr.Fogla pointed out.

Reading glasses become necessary for near vision. Besides reading glasses, the other option is mono-vision, which is achieved using contact lens or refractive surgery. However, one of the disadvantages of mono-vision is reduction in distance vision in the eye corrected for near vision, Dr.Fogla said.

The inlay is a film-like ring implant with an opening in the center. It is placed inside the cornea. The central opening helps focus the light coming into the eye, improving ability to see clearly at all distances.


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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
17 Feb,2015
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