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Apollo Hospitals Center for Liver disease and transplantation has completed 100 transplant surgeries in the shortest time span at a success rate over 90% !

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 23 May,2011

Apollo centre for liver disease and transplantation has completed 100 liver transplantations in less than 4 years with over 90% success rate, creating a milestone in the history of medicine. There is a noticeable rise in the cases of liver diseases in India which will result in a greater need for treatment in the coming future than the current availability. As a pioneer in the healthcare sector, Apollo Hospitals is fortifying the facilities throughout the country to meet and battle the need.

Addressing the Media, Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “”Apollo is the only healthcare unit in India to establish a world class facility for an independent liver transplantation program. We offer the patients comfort and care in all aspects of treatment and we also try to provide them a compound financial package which helps them in planning and accounting expenses. Understanding that liver treatment is still an expensive cure in India, we are also working with leading financial institutions for easy arrangement of finances for the patients and their next of kin.””

He further added, “”Apollo Chennai has the largest and only cadaver transplant department in the country. This is again a benchmark in the Indian healthcare scenario where every other program consists of living transplants which is a troublesome process involving the patient and a donor.””

Elaborating on the Liver Transplant Program, Dr. Anand Khakhar, Senior Consultant Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgery and program Director for the Liver Transplant Program at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai said, “”Liver transplantation is a surgical procedure whereby a diseased or failing liver is either removed and replaced by a whole new liver from a deceased donor, or where part of a healthy liver from a living donor is removed and inserted to the failing liver of the recipient. The 100 surgeries benchmark has been crossed by the Chennai department much faster than the programs in other cities such as Delhi or Mumbai. The goal of the program is to not only raise awareness about the importance of a healthy liver and the dangers that can be caused by a liver disease, but to also provide the access to treatment geographically and financially.””

Liver failure is a potentially fatal condition in which the liver progressively stops performing its functions resulting in episodes of jaundice, accumulation of fluid in the body, blood vomiting and confusion. Conditions such as Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C infection, excess alcohol consumption, diseases such as Primary Biliary Cirrhosis and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis can cause this state.

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
23 May,2011
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