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Apollo Hospitals becomes the World’s Second Busiest Solid Organ Transplant Centre !

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 05 Mar,2011

Apollo Hospitals Group has performed more than 775 solid organ transplants for the year, 2010, making it one of the World’s Busiest Liver Transplant Centre’s. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi has also completed over 500 liver transplants in February, 2011.

The statistics portray an alarming need for organ transplants in India. According to the estimated statistics, every 3 minutes a patient is added to the list of patients needing a transplant. More than 200,000 Indians require organ transplantation annually, an estimated 20,000 liver transplants are required per year in India. The first successful adult and pediatric liver transplant in India were performed at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi in 1998. The first successful liver and kidney transplant happened in 1999 at our centre. While liver transplantation was established late in India, a tremendous progress has been made in the last decade.

“We gave a commitment to the nation 27 years ago of bringing world class healthcare to the reach of common man. The success of our liver transplant program exhibits that we are second to none and India is well on its way to become a global healthcare destination. Our program has encouraged all sections of the society to come together to promote organ donation so that many more lives can be saved. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi, performed the first successful Liver Transplant in 1998 and in February, 2011 we have achieved a milestone of completing 500 liver transplants, while the Group has performed more than 775 solid organ transplants for the year 2010,” said Dr Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group.

“Apollo’s comprehensive liver transplant care programme aims to provide effective health care by providing quality treatment to people with liver disease. The team at Apollo Hospitals has provided consistent results and maintained the highest standard for donor safety. As a result not only patients from India, but from around the world have undergone successful liver transplantations here,” said Dr.Preetha Reddy, Managing director, Apollo Hospitals Group. Liver transplantation is the epitome of advanced medical care where a team interaction is necessary to optimize result. It is not possible to achieve good results unless the departments of anesthesia, radiology, intensive care, gastroenterology, transfusion medicine, microbiology, pathology and of course the transplant team are of an excellent standard. A difficult operation should be broken down in to simple steps and different team members can specialize in one aspect of this major surgical exercise resulting in overall good outcome. This has been the mantra of the Apollo Hospitals transplant team.

“Apollo Hospitals has five centers for liver transplant in Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Kolkata. Apollo is planning to establish a total of 6 liver centers and 14 kidney transplant centers in the next 12 months. Having established the first successful liver transplant in India we believe we have enough experience to establish liver transplant centers in other locations. This year we have already completed 500 liver transplants” said Dr. Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director Apollo Group and Senior Pediatric Gastroenterologist.

Liver Transplant is often recommended as an option when other modes of treatment are not successful. The purpose is to replace your diseased liver with a healthy liver. Ideally, after a transplant you will be free from disease, and lead a fairly normal life as long as the transplant functions.

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
05 Mar,2011
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