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A unique celebration of Love !

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 13 Feb,2012

A unique celebration of love at Delhi organised by Dr. Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director, Apollo Hospitals. Even as thousands exchange cards and roses, 40 couples from across the country, where one partner has donated a vital organ such as a kidney, or a part of the liver to their spouse, come together to raise a toast to their partner’s ‘new life’.

Dr. Anupam Sibal, organising the bash at India Habitat Centre said, “What can be a bigger symbol of love than giving a part of yourself to the one you love? We thought why not honour such selfless love by inviting these couples. Transplant is like rebirth, and people who have gone through it owe their lives to their partners.”

Interestingly, in all 40 couples attending the party, the wife has donated the kidney or liver to the husband. “Wives strongly outnumber husbands as donors, and are the first to offer their organ to save the husband’s life,” says Dr Sibal.

One such woman, 35-year-old school teacher Anju Verma from Delhi, who has donated half her liver to her husband, says, “”My world came crashing when I found out that my husband’s liver is badly damaged. But, when I got to know about liver transplant, my hope returned. Despite my husband’s resistance, I went ahead. That was the only way to get him back, and I could not have been happier.”” She adds that she is excited about attending the Valentine’s Day party with her recovering husband.

Another invitee, Satpal, 29, will come to the party with his wife Mandeep Kaur, 28, who donated a part of her liver to him last year. “”This will be our best Valentine’s Day celebration, as we will spend the evening with couples like us who know what we’ve been through. I have no words to express my love for Mandeep. All I can say is that we were one soul, and we have become one body now,”” says the young automotive mechanic in a choked voice.

Lawyer RP Goel, 55, whose wife donated him her kidney, shares Satpal’s sentiments, “”It may not be our age to celebrate Valentine’s Day but I am really looking forward to joining the party, as it’s a celebration of a different kind. Love makes you do the bravest of things. My wife’s unconditional love made her give me her kidney. My life is hers, and that’s what I am going to tell her in front of everyone ,”” he says.


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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
13 Feb,2012
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