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Medical Dictionary: Glossary (J)

Medical Dictionary: Glossary (J)

What is jaundice?

Yellow staining of the skin and the whites of the eyes by abnormally high blood levels of the bile pigment bilirubin. The yellowing extends to other tissues and body fluids.

What is jet lag?

A temporary disorder that causes fatigue, insomnia, and other symptoms as a result of rapid air travel across time zones.

What is joint aspiration?

A procedure where a sterile needle and syringe are used to drain joint fluid from the joint.

What is jugular vein?

The jugular veins are in the neck and drain blood from the head, brain, face and neck and transport it towards the heart.

What is jogger’s nails?

Very small semi-circular white spots on the toenails. The white spots on the nails reflect injury to the base (matrix) of the nail.

What is jaw?

The movable junction of the bones below the mouth (the mandible) and the bone just above the mouth (the maxilla).

What is jenner’s method?

The production of immunity to a disease by inoculation of an attenuated form of the virus causing the disease. Also called jennerization.

UPDATED ON 28/03/2024

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