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The two worlds of Epilepsy


Epilepsy ( fits/ convulsions/mirgi/daura/khchani in local languages) is a global health problem . The burden of Epilepsy is high in developing countries like India with 81 per 100,000 affected persons per year. The overall risk of death is also 1.6 to 3 times higher in persons with Epilepsy.There are two worlds of Epilepsy.

One a darker world of superstitions and no treatment or inadequate treatment.

The another world is of light and modern medicine where there are drugs and even surgery available to control seizures.With modern treatment being availble, many such cases considered uncontrolled can be treated with various success. Other issues like mental health, occupation, other medical conditions also are assesed simultaneouly to give a person with Epilepsy the best care available.

For few patients with uncontrolled or refractory Epilepsy, a detailed evaluation with Vedio EEG or VEEG or long term Telemetry is required to locate the site of seizure focus and if possible surgical removal to control the same.

Many children with Epilepsy can be treated with correct combination of drugs and thus their seizures can be controlled. A Neurologist trained in Epilepsy called as an Epileptologist, evaluates each and every aspect of the Epilepsy to give the best treatment outcome possible.

MRI of the brain reveals many conditons which can be surgically treated to control Epilepsy if a detailed evaluation is done by an Epileptologist. Such a evaluation is called Pre Surgical Evaluation.

Overall there is hope for the patients and a new world awaits for them !

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