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Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Chennai successfully completes 1000 Micro Vascular tissue free transfers !

The Plastic & Reconstruction Surgical team at Apollo Specialty Hospitals, Chennai has added another milestone to Apollo Hospitals by successfully conducting exultant Micro vascular free tissue transfer and Aesthetic surgeries on more than 1000 patients by the end of March 2011.

Earlier in the nineties there would be only 2 to 3 cases in a year for this surgery but presently Apollo Specialty Hospital deals with more than 125 micro vascular tissue transfer surgeries (also called flaps) every year. The success rate of this surgery at Apollo Specialty Hospitals is currently around 96 to 97 %, on par with the best centers across the globe.

Dr. Shivram, Senior Consultant – Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery explained, “Micro vascular free tissue transfer enables reconstruction of major defects in the patient’s body that were irreparable earlier, as well as markedly improving function of that particular area. The surgery is performed by filling up the defected part with healthy autologous flap tissue harvested from any appropriate part of the patient’s body.

Flap surgery involves transferring tissue from the immediate vicinity of the primary defect (local flaps) or from distant sites (distant flaps). Distant tissue transfer involves transplanting donor tissue from one part of the body to another.

Micro vascular free tissue transfer surgery is used for reconstruction of large tumors of the Head & Neck region, particularly the oral cavity. The advent of Micro vascular surgery has dramatically increased the scope and breadth of treatment options for patients who were previously considered non treatable, thus making a difference to people who had given up hope.

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