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Apollo Medical Centre opens Sultanate’s first liver clinic

Apollo Medical Centre opens Sultanate’s first liver clinic

Apollo Medical Centre, an associate of Apollo Hospitals Group, India inaugurated the first liver clinic in the Sultanate of Oman. The liver clinic was inaugurated by Dr Ghazi Al Zubedi, the director general of Royal Hospital. Also launched on the occasion was the Apollo Liver Check Package.

The event was attended by many dignitaries and staff of Apollo. A specialist team from Apollo Hospitals Chennai will be in charge of the Apollo Liver Clinic, which will be headed by Dr Anand Khakhar, the chief liver transplant surgeon, Apollo Hospitals Chennai, in conjunction with Apollo Medical Centre doctors. Dr Anand Khakhar said, “Lack of awareness on liver health and comprehensive screening facility is one main reason for the country registering an increasing number of cases of liver diseases. As part of Apollo’s effort to reach out to the masses on awareness of liver diseases and their prevention, the Apollo Liver Clinic is being launched’. He said that the Apollo Liver Clinic is focused at offering detailed assessment, management and 360 degree liver care.

This model will have specially trained gastroenterologist, hepato-biliary surgeons and oncologist diagnosing patients and putting them in a regime to manage and prevent liver failure. The Apollo Liver Clinic will also clear the myths on liver transplant surgery, organ donation and other queries on liver diseases.

V. T. Saileswaran, MD, Apollo Medical Centre, Muscat, has informed that Apollo in its endeavour to bring world-class healthcare facilities to the Sultanate of Oman has always strived in bringing the very best and first to Oman. Apollo Medical Centre was the first to launch Telemedicine services in Oman thus connecting the patients to the best doctors of Apollo Hospitals Group across 40 hospitals. Apollo in Oman is the only centre which conducts periodical specialised clinics with visiting super specialists from Apollo Hospitals Group. Dr Ghazi Al Zubedi said, “Apollo Liver Clinic in the Sultanate will benefit the people of Oman in creating awareness, assessment and prevention. The other dignitaries congratulated Team Apollo for this unique achievement which will benefit all.

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