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Apollo Hospitals receives “Gallup Great Workplace” Award 2014!

 Apollo Hospitals has been ranked amongst the top organisations to work by Gallup Great Places to Work (GGWA). This would mean that Apollo is now amongst globally recognised organisations for mastering how to engage workforce to deliver sustainable growth.

The GGWA is awarded to Organizations that have performed exceptionally well in engaging their workforce and thereby leveraging that to drive business results. These organizations average a ratio of 9 engaged employees to 1 disengaged employee, which is more than five times the ratio in the U.S. and more than 16 times the ratio for workforces globally. Winning the GGWA is an achievement by itself; this award places the Apollo Family amongst the best Organisations that have partnered with Gallup. The Apollo Hospitals group was the only one to have won this during the first wave of engagement. This not only recognizes the strong Leadership of the company but also the dedication and investment of time and energy that all the employees have invested to create an engaged workforce.

GGWA has reinforced Apollo’s belief in treating their “”Employees”” truly as family members. The vision of it’s leadership to drive business results by engaging it’s employees has stood true to its promise. Having been selected as one of the top organizations recognizes our effort and belief in the philosophy of workforce engagement and also reinforces our drive to take this further and create an engaged workforce and thereby satisfying patients through world class quality!!

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