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Apollo Hospitals Chennai excels in Hip Arthroscopy; helps a 15 year old return to normal life

Post the launch of the Center of Excellence in Hip Arthroscopy early this year, Apollo Hospitals has successfully treated 5 patients using this procedure. Continuing to excel in Orthopaedics, Apollo Hospitals,Chennai – India’s leading healthcare service provider showcased its expertise in handling complex cases using Hip Arthroscopy procedure. A cutting edge procedure that involves viewing the interior of the hip joint through an arthroscope and then using minimally invasive techniques to treat the disorder, experts believe that hip arthroscopy, will soon gain popularity.

15 year old student from Kolkata came to Apollo Hospitals, Chennai with severe pain in the hip for almost 15 days, which made it difficult for him to perform regular activities like walking. Doctors, here, on further diagnosis identified that he was suffering from synovitis of the hip, for which Hip Arthroscopic synovial biopsy was done. The Hip Arthroscopy procedure, performed in less than a day, enabled mobilization post the procedure.

Speaking about the advantages of Hip Arthroscopy, Dr Madan Mohan Reddy, Senior Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals,Chennai said, “Hip arthroscopy provides the advantage of reducing the need for hip replacement procedure, which is quite complex. In addition to this, it is a day care procedure where the patients experience very little pain, minimal blood loss and can also be mobilised quite quickly. People are aware of this procedure and we expect more people to opt for Hip Arthroscopy in the coming months as opposed to open surgery, because of its advantages.”, he added.

Hip Arthroscopy is an intricate and technically demanding domain that has been perfected by few healthcare providers and Apollo Hospitals has been successful in leveraging this new technique for the benefit of patients. The institute is equipped with technologies for advanced spinal treatment procedures like Robotic Spinal Surgery, Disc Replacement and Scoliosis Surgery.

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