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Apollo health advisory on the summer months ahead

The hotter summer months are on us. Additionally there are reports that due to the Equinox phenomenon that will affect most of Asia in the next 5 days and that there may be heat wave conditions. It is recommended that all precautions are taken to avoid the negative consequences that excessive heat can cause on our health status.

Mentioned below are a few tips to avoid the ill effects of excessive heat

1) Elders and children may stay indoors especially from 12pm-3pm daily. The temperature may rise and can easily cause dehydration and sun stroke.

2) Please keep everyone inclusive of yourself very well hydrated. Everyone should be consuming about 3 liters of fluid every day.

3) Check dryness of eyes and lips to assess level of dehydration.

4) Cold showers may be taken as frequent as possible.

5) Increase intake of fruits & vegetables.

6) Place a new unused candle outside your home. If candle can melt, its in dangerous level.

7) Always place a pail half filled with water in living rooms & other rooms to keep temperature down.



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