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Apollo Cancer Hospitals, Chennai conducts Symposium on Women’s Oncology.

A symposium on women’s Oncology at Apollo Cancer Hospitals, Chennai, had experts from the hospital, the National Cancer Institute, the U.S., and the Cancer Institute, Adyar, sharing their experiences. The symposium, aimed at educating people on newer treatments, vaccinations and screening processes, deliberated on prevention and management of cancers.

Apollo Hospitals’ Executive Vice-Chairperson Dr. Preetha Reddy said, “Over six lakh people die of cancer every year in India and more than half of them are in the 30-70 age group. This symposium will provide opportunities for oncologists to interact with one another and exchange latest updates on cancer prevention and treatment.”

Dr. Prathap C Reddy said the need of the hour was a collective movement from public and private organisations to increase awareness of proactive screening for NCDs. Adyar Cancer Institute chairperson V. Shanta said the lifetime cumulative risk of women aged below 75 years acquiring cancer in urban areas in India is one in seven to 10 whereas in developed countries it was one in three or four.

She said nearly 60 per cent of patients seek treatment in advanced stages leading to increased mortality and poor survival. Dr. Shanta said a thrust on preventive measures with early detection, education and increasing awareness will reduce the number of cancer incidences.



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