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Apollo Advanced Heart Check

The Apollo Advanced heart check is a high-end comprehensive package, which consists of all tests included in Apollo Heart Check and additionally comprises of advanced blood tests that are good indicators of associated coronary artery risks in an individual. The package also includes an advanced 320 Slice CT heart scan and consultation with a Cardiologist.

The 320 Slice CT Scanner, the 7th of its kind in the world, and the first for India is available only at a few leading hospitals across the world including Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore. This CT Scanner can image the entire heart in a single rotation providing volumetric temporal resolution that is superior to multi-slice temporal resolution available today, resulting in clearer image quality. It shows not only whole organ anatomy, but also the changes in the entire organ over time resulting in a better, faster, more complete diagnosis.

Package Contents :

All the tests in Apollo Master Health Check (Primary / Basic Health Check) package + Cardiac Stress Analysis (CSA / TMT), Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), Diet Counselling, Echo Cardiogram, S. Homocysteine, Apolipoprotein (A1 & B), Lipoprotein(A), S.Fibrinogen, Cardiac Consultation, 320 Slice Heart Scan.

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