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Sangita Reddy

Dr Sangita Reddy

Joint Managing Director

Apollo Hospitals has always been at the cutting edge of care. The COVID pandemic has been both a test and an opportunity to demonstrate our integrated excellence. The role of critical care has become obvious to everyone and our mission is to ensure that world class critical care is uniformly available across the group. The new zeal to incorporate evidence-based care with compassion as well as modern technology has its roots at the very beginning of Apollo with Chairman’s vision. The over 2500 ICU beds in the system are managed by expert Intensivists and supported by highly trained nurses and multidisciplinary team members. We are moving into regularly using AI and remote care wherever it is needed. This newsletter is a beginning to consolidate our efforts and share our learning between various units. It gives me great happiness to see that Apollo is delivering care to whoever needs it whether it is high flow oxygen for COVID pneumonia or ECMO for advanced lung disease. The future beckons and with the help of public and private enterprise we should be firmly on the way to healthy India and beyond despite any medical challenges we may face.

Apollo Hospitals has successfully navigated the extreme challenges of the COVID pandemic and delivered integrated and effective care as always. The COVID-19 pandemic challenged the health infrastructure of the country. There was tremendous pressure on critical care, but resilience and undiluted commitment of the intensivists ensured delivery of care of the highest standards given the circumstances. Innovation, agility, adapting to rapidly changing situations and dedication were on display in the most difficult conditions.

In the spirit of the transformation that has been seen across healthcare we have redoubled efforts to create an exceptional experience in critical care for all stakeholders. One important aspect of this process is regular communication and sharing of best practices as well as listening to the voices of thought leaders within our ecosystem and from global sources. Creating an integrated critical care network, leveraging our collective strength across the group will ensure that we take the speciality to a different level not only in the country but also build a global model for the same.


Dr Hari Prasad


Dr Ravi Mahajan

Dr Ravi Mahajan

Critical Care Integration & Transformation
Apollo Hospitals

Access to Critical Care expertise in remote areas and small hospitals or nursing homes remains a challenge. The Apollo Hospitals Group aims to make affordable world class medical care available to every citizen in India. Accordingly, the group has started an ambitious programme of Critical Care Integration and Transformation, and I am humbled with the privilege to lead this exciting programme.

Since March this year, guided by Dr Prathap Reddy and his leadership team including Dr Hari Prasad and Dr Anupam Sibal, we have embarked upon developing a network of Hubs and Spokes of various Critical Care Units all over India. The network will include all the units within Apollo Hospitals Group and will seek to partner with various nursing homes and hospitals outside of the Apollo Group.

Enabled by digital links and developments, the network will provide world class critical care to those patients who may otherwise not have the benefit of expertise within their immediate reach

In order to harmonise a system of referrals and consultations, we will implement the concept of ‘levels of care’ and the ‘triggers’ for escalation of care. We will also have many other developments on pan-India basis including educational programmes, protocols and SOPs, quality improvement initiatives and establishing a centre of excellence in critical care.

I am certain that this unique programme of Critical Care Integration and Transformation will position Apollo Hospitals Group among the world leaders in providing networked remote critical care. I strongly believe that this is the need for the present times and also going forward.

I will be very keen for you to join this interesting and timely development. Please contact me if you would like to share any new ideas or offer your help with this programme.

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