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Medical Dictionary: Glossary (G)

Medical Dictionary: Glossary (G)

What is galactose?

A sugar found in milk.

What is gallbladder?

A pear-shaped organ located below the liver, and this stores the bile secreted by the liver.
During and after a fatty meal, the gallbladder contracts, delivering the bile through the bile ducts into the intestines to help with digestion.

What is gastroscope?

A flexible, lighted instrument that is put through the mouth and esophagus to view the stomach. Tissue from the stomach can be removed through a ‘gastroscope.

What is glaucoma?

A common eye condition in which the intraocular pressure inside the eye rises to a level higher than normal. If untreated, it may damage the optic nerve, causing the loss of vision or even blindness.

What is gluten?

A protein found in wheat or related grains. Gluten can be found in a large variety of foods including soups, salad dressings, processed foods and natural flavorings.

What is gynephobia?

An abnormal, irrational and persistent fear of women. Sufferers experience anxiety even though they realize they face no threat.

What is great saphenous vein?

The larger of the two saphenous veins, the principal veins that run up the leg near the surface.

UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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