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The Busiest Solid Organ Transplant Program in the World

The Busiest Solid Organ Transplant Program in the World

India’s first successful Heart and Double Lung transplant

India’s first successful simultaneous Kidney and Pancreas Transplant

Helping patients rediscover their lives.

The Apollo Institutes of Transplant are pioneers of transplantation in India. From India’s first successful liver transplant to the most complex multi-organ transplants, Apollo Hospitals has had several definitive milestones in the field. The Apollo Institutes of Transplant is a centre of excellence that is not just at par with the best in the world, but is setting the benchmarks of clinical excellence in organ transplant. This achievement is a result of relentless commitment and focus.

Some of the most important factors that contribute to Apollo Hospitals being a global powerhouse of transplant excellence include:

  • Patient centric approach
  • A strong commitment to innovation
  • The most cutting-edge infrastructure and best-in-class systems & protocols
  • The finest team of over 100 highly qualified specialists
  • Pioneers of simultaneous multi-organ transplants
  • Comprehensive offering of transplant programs
  • As many as 4 transplants a day
  • Outcomes comparable to the best centres in the world
  • Strong accreditation programme
  • High outcomes in complex multi-organ transplant
  • Patient base from across 121 countries in the world
  • Continuous medical education with renowned international knowledge partners
  • Continuous research on new procedures
  • Post-operative care and rehabilitation

Every day the team of champions at Apollo Institutes of Transplant helps someone achieve a new start; a new shot at life. There is no better example of the magic of hope, the miracle of medicine.

Patient Stories

Ashok is a priest and lives in southern India. He had a chronic cardiac ailment that led to an end-state lung disorder. When he reached Apollo Hospitals, the team at the Apollo Institutes of Transplant told him that his best and only real chance was a Heart and Double-Lung transplant. After 8 challenging hours of surgery and a few days to recuperate, Mr. Ashok was back to the pulpit; back to spreading the word of God.

Param was diabetic for 21 years. That is over two decades of total dependence on Insulin. Things got even worse when she was diagnosed with end-state renal disease. She came to Apollo Hospitals and consulted with a team of experts. A revolutionary simultaneous Kidneys and Pancreas Transplant was recommended, and she agreed. The complex procedure took 12 hours to complete and was successful. Today Param is healthy, diabetes-free and finally free from the dreaded daily needle.

UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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