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Beating Heart Surgery

Beating Heart Surgery in India

Beating Heart Surgery at Apollo Hospitals

Off-pump or Beating Heart Surgery

Coronary Bypass Surgeries are performed using contemporary techniques including the off-pump artery bypass surgery. Over 99.6% of the surgeries are off-pump or beating heart surgeries. During off-pump or beating heart surgery, the heart-lung machine is not used. The surgeon uses advanced operating equipment to stabilize (hold) portions of the heart and bypass the blocked artery in a highly controlled operative environment. Meanwhile, the rest of the heart keeps pumping and circulating blood to the body. Traditional surgery vs. beating heart coronary artery bypass surgery offers patients faster post-operative recovery and extracts less of a toll on their systems. Apollo Hospitals are pioneers in the field of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgery and is considered to be one of the best beating heart bypass surgery hospitals in India.

UPDATED ON 14/05/2024

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