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Apollo Hospitals is widely recognized as the pioneer of private healthcare in India, and was the country’s first corporate hospital. The Apollo Hospitals Group, which started as a 150-bed hospital and today, operates 9215 beds across 64 hospitals. A forerunner in integrated healthcare, Apollo has a robust presence across the healthcare spectrum. The Group has emerged as the foremost integrated healthcare provider in Asia, with mature group companies that specialize in insurance, pharmacy, consultancy, clinics and many such key touch points of the ecosystem. The Apollo Group has touched the lives of over 45 million patients, from 121 countries.


The first Apollo Hospital opened in Chennai, in 1983. It was borne out of the determination to lead a complete transformation in Indian healthcare. Apollo’s Founder Chairman, Dr. Prathap C Reddy was the driving force behind the inception. Credited as the architect of modern Indian healthcare, Dr. Prathap C Reddy started Apollo with the mission of bringing world-class healthcare to India, at a price point that Indians could afford! The backdrop to this development was the hopelessly inadequate healthcare infrastructure prevalent in India, at that time.


Apollo’s first innovation was its business model itself; before Apollo, only the very privileged had the access to quality treatment, as they could afford to travel abroad. Apollo introduced healthcare that matched best-in-class outcomes, but cost only a fraction of the global prices. This led to a revolution with democratized treatment in our nation. This cost consciousness continues to be a key building block in our healthcare strategy.

Clinical Excellence

This is not the only constant in the Apollo story. The Group is built on the bedrock of an enduring value system, and continues to drive unwavering focus on key touchstones like excellence, expertise, empathy and innovation.

Company vision

Company Vision

Apollo's vision for the next phase of development is to 'Touch a Billion Lives'.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to bring healthcare of International standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity"

Over the past three decades Apollo Hospitals' transformative journey has forged a legacy of excellence in Indian healthcare. The Group has continuously set the agenda and led by example in the blossoming private healthcare space. One of Apollo's significant contributions has been the adoption of clinical excellence as an industry standard. Apollo pioneered the concept - the group was the first to invest in the pre-requisites that led to international quality accreditation like JCI and also developed centres of excellence in Cardiac Sciences, Orthopaedics, Neurosciences, Emergency Care, Cancer and Organ Transplantation.

Apollo’s prowess in excellence comes from the habit to rigorously re-evaluate and reinvent. Protocols are built, taken apart and built again to ensure that infection control are optimized to extreme levels; stringent internal scoring systems are constructed with the sole objective of ensuring the group matches up with the very best. Apollo’s initiatives like ACE@25 and TASSC are indicators of the commitment to better global benchmarks in clinical excellence.

This focus on quality has become one of the group’s strongest credentials. It is the one of the building blocks in the trust the Apollo brand name commands.

Strong value system

Along with excellence the Apollo philosophy rests on the pillars of technological superiority, a warm patient- centric approach, and a edge in forward-looking research. Apollo's spectacular success rests on sustained commitment and investments in each of these pillars.

Technology driven

At Apollo, healthcare systems leverage technology to build integrated healthcare delivery models, which facilitate seamless electronic medical records, Hospital Information systems and telemedicine-based health outreach initiatives, for enhanced access to medical care. Another critical manifestation of widespread technology has been the amazing advancement in medical equipment and Apollo has repeatedly pioneered the introduction of such innovations in India. The future promises with revolutionary new products like the Proton Beam Therapy. From leveraging new age mobility, to getting futuristic equipment Apollo has always been ahead of the curve. Currently, the group believes in the tremendous potential of robotics and is investing heavily in making it a real and robust option for all.


Apollo pioneered Tender Loving Care (TLC) and it continues to be the magic that inspires hope, warmth and a sense of ease in the patients. Processes are relentlessly improved upon to ensure maximum patient-centricity.

Road ahead

Apollo Hospitals has taken the spirit of leadership well beyond business metrics. It has embraced the onus of keeping India, healthy. Taking cognizance of the undeniable fact that India is reeling under the onslaught of Non Communicable Diseases (NCD), the Apollo Group has assumed the responsibility to educate, influence mindset. Increased focus on tactical initiatives like personalized preventive healthcare bears testimony to this new thrust. The Group has declared war on NCDs, and is leading the entire healthcare fraternity into this battle.

Socially Conscious

Apollo Hospitals has always strongly believed in social initiatives that help transcend barriers. In keeping with this, the group has started several impactful programmes in this area. One among these initiatives is SACHi (Save a Child’s Heart Initiative) - a community service initiative with the aim of providing quality paediatric cardiac care to children from underprivileged sections of society suffering from heart diseases. Apollo also runs the SAHI (Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired) initiative to help poor children with hearing impairment, and the CURE Foundation which is focused on cancer screening, cure and rehabilitation for those in need. In the area of Cancer care Apollo has also joined hands with Yuvraj Singh's YOUWECAN to organize large-scale cancer screenings. Apollo regularly conducts comprehensive health screening camps across the nation. The Group runs the incredible successful Billion Hearts Beating campaign – a nationwide programme that has awakened India to heart healthiness.

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