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Apollo Cancer Centre introduces India’s fastest and most precise breast cancer diagnosis program, redefining cancer care.

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 01 Nov, 2023

Apollo Cancer Centres (ACCs) continue to push the boundaries with advanced cancer treatment, by introducing ‘India’s Fastest & Most Precise Breast Cancer Diagnosis Program’, thus redefining cancer care. This pioneering initiative aims to provide swift and precise breast cancer diagnoses, reinforcing the significance of early detection in providing the right treatment for a better survival rate, and enhancing the quality of life for patients.

This groundbreaking initiative offers a promising glimpse into the future of healthcare services. Apollo Cancer Centres are proud to be the first in India to provide this program and envision the potential to replicate the model for other organs in the future. In alignment with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the Apollo Cancer Centres are dedicating this program to the timely diagnosis of breast cancer in women.

‘India’s Fastest & Most Precise Breast Cancer Diagnosis Program’ is designed to ensure timely and accurate diagnosis, alleviating the stress of protracted waiting times for results. Apollo Cancer Centres firmly believes in the adage, “Earliest Easiest,” when it comes to breast cancer management.
This program includes advanced diagnostic technologies, including mammography, ultrasound, and biopsy, to promptly and precisely assess breast health. Patients can expect results within 24 hours, a testament to the program’s efficiency. It is open to individuals seeking breast cancer screening or diagnostic services, provided they meet the necessary criteria. Its primary benefits encompass rapid results, reduced patient anxiety, and early detection of breast cancer — advancements that significantly improve treatment outcomes.

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
01 Nov, 2023
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