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Apollo Cancer Centres launches Unmask Cancer, an initiative to tackle societal biases against cancer patients and survivors.

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 02 Feb, 2024

In a poignant exploration of life post-cancer, Apollo Cancer Centres (ACCs) proudly introduces ‘Unmask Cancer,’ a groundbreaking campaign aimed at unravelling the truth about cancer, dispelling myths, and fostering empathy within the society. As World Cancer Day approaches, ACCs takes a bold step to address the unfortunate reality of discrimination faced by cancer winners.

‘Unmask Cancer’ is the journey of cancer winners who, despite showcasing exceptional skills and qualifications, grapple with the societal biases stemming from their cancer history. The campaign sheds light on the pervasive fear of prejudice, pushing individuals to conceal this vital aspect of their lives, thus echoing the experiences of countless others facing discrimination.

The ‘Unmask Cancer’ initiative unveils a thought-provoking social experiment video that delves into the profound consequences of discrimination across various facets of life. Featuring individuals from diverse backgrounds, including societal, corporate, and appearance-related biases, the video culminates with a few brave cancer winners unmasking themselves due to the support they received from their families and friends.

Mr Harshad Reddy, Director, Group Oncology and International, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Limited, expressed his commitment to fostering equality and fairness for all, saying, “Our mission at ACC goes beyond providing world-class medical care. We believe in championing the rights of every individual, irrespective of their medical history. ‘Unmask Cancer’ is a testament to our dedication to creating a society that supports and uplifts cancer survivors.”

Read more about the Unmask Cancer Initiative launched by Apollo Cancer Centres

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
02 Feb, 2024
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