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Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad has launched TrueBeam radiotherapy system with Velocity for advanced cancer treatment.

Posted by Apollo Hospitals | 19 Oct,2021

Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad has launched Varian’s TrueBeam radiotherapy system with Velocity, an intelligent software solution for Interventional Oncology at Apollo Cancer Institute, Apollo Health City campus, Hyderabad. The versatile TrueBeam is capable of treating a wide range of cancers with high accuracy and precision, allowing oncologists or cancer specialists to treat many types of complex cancer cases. Patients also benefit due to the comfort, accuracy, and speed permitted by the TrueBeam system. The addition of the specialized software, Velocity, organizes patient data and makes it available in one place to help clinicians make more informed treatment decisions.

Chief Guest Dr. (Smt.) Tamilisai Soundararajan, Hon’ble Governor of Telangana and Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Puducherry had inaugurated Telangana’s first and only Truebeam STx with Velocity at Apollo Cancer Centre, Jubilee Hills. Speaking on the occasion, she said, “Apollo is known for offering the best care available in the world. It’s a moment of pride for Apollo Health City to have this state of the art TrueBeam radiotherapy system with Velocity. It also a moment of pride for the entire state of Telangana to have the latest and the only TrueBeam radiotherapy. The evolution of radiation therapy has enabled to deliver differential doses within the target volume, ranging from zero to 100% dose. Today, with the latest TrueBeam machine we have the capacity to treat cancer with all the very best of technology put together in 6D robotic couch and CG Image guidance for best accuracy in treatment. It delivers highly precise intensity modulated radiotherapy in the shortest possible time where the patient gets to go home in 1 to 3 days with the least possible side effects. All these go a long way to get the patient the best treatment with minimal side effects. Cancer has been a rising threat with alarming statistics, in 2020 we saw around 13.25 lakh new cases of cancer in India, with 8.5 lakh deaths due to cancer. We must be cautious and concerned, it is estimated that by 2025, there will be 12% rise in cancer cases. It is a matter of concern that in 1990 there were 54 cancer patients per lakh population in Telangana and the incidence has since risen to 75 per lakh in less than three decades time. TrueBeam enables to access advanced care without the need for patients to go abroad, she added.”

Ms. Shobana Kamineni, Executive Vice Chairperson Apollo Hospitals Groups said, the launch of the TrueBeam LINAC with Velocity is another milestone in Apollo Hospitals’ battle against cancer, one of the dreaded non-communicable diseases that in just the last year has seen over 13 lakh new cases and over 8.5 lakh deaths. With TrueBeam LINAC, our patients can rest assured that they will receive the most advanced radiotherapy techniques with the added benefits of a high degree of accuracy and a shorter treatment time for a successful treatment. In line with our move to an increased degree of digital healthcare, the Velocity software will provide our oncologists with the tools for data-driven clinical decision making, that will help to reduce the mortality and morbidity from cancer. Apollo’s mission from day one has been to bring the best of care to every individual and to make it affordable. Many of the technologies we offer in our hospitals are the latest in the world available at a fraction of the treatment cost abroad. Not just Indians, many people from across the globe come to Apollo to find cure. The recurrence of cancers has seen a steep 50% increase from 1990 to 2020. With resources that hospitals like ours have, along with most our proficient doctors with unparalleled knowledge and skills as Chairman Dr Prathap C. Reddy always says, cancer is no more a death knell.

TrueBeam has been used for treating patients in over 90 countries and every year around 1.5 million patients receive treatment on a TrueBeam linear accelerator (LINAC). TrueBeam is Varian’s most advanced LINAC, with the system incorporating many technical innovations that intuitively and dynamically synchronize imaging, patient positioning, motion management, and treatment delivery. TrueBeam uses intelligent automation that not just simplifies the workflow, but also guides the specialists step-by-step through each radiotherapy treatment.

The Velocity software organizes patient data and makes it available in one place, allowing the oncologist to access and compile treatment and imaging data from diverse systems for a comprehensive view of a patient’s diagnostic imaging and treatment history. This leads to more informed treatment decisions by facilitating close collaboration between physicians, oncologists, medical physicists, and others on the team. It also helps in cases of retreatment for recurrence or metastases.

Dr Vijay Anand Reddy, Director Oncology, Apollo Cancer Center at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad said, “The TrueBeam platform with Velocity provides us with the tools to manage and treat our patients optimally. Many times, a patient has multiple treatments over a long period or even after a gap, especially if metastatic lesions occur months or even years later. It is here that the Velocity software allows the treating doctors to understand a patient’s full clinical history and reach a judicious decision about the way forward. It puts more power into the hands of the oncologist with a comprehensive view of a patient’s diagnostic imaging and treatment history, regardless of where they were treated or what technology was used. Velocity makes it possible to manage the entire cancer treatment journey from diagnosis to completion of treatment.”

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Posted by:Apollo Hospitals
19 Oct,2021
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